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Using 20x20 for Presentation Training Mark Christianson International Christian University

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Priority: Good habits for preparing/rehearsing effective presentations

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Goal: Significance Structure Simplicity Rehearsal See Kapterev, A. Death by PowerPoint (And How to Fight It)

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long… unfocused… overloaded visuals… under-rehearsed… Reality:

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20 slides 20 seconds each Automatic advance New Format:

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Piloted@ICU -39 first yrs, Feb ’11 -TOEFL 500 avg. -2000w research essays -Solo, some pairs

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ICU Student Reactions?

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@TAT in July ‘11 -61 2 nd yrs -Shy engineering majors -Social issues -Teams of 3

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TAT Student Reactions?

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Benefit 1: Forces Focus “I had to think my content carefully and focus on what is the most important thing.”

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Benefit 2: Forces Rehearsal

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“As a listener, I was never bored (for 3 hrs)!”

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Difficulty 1: Pressure “the timer made me rush and make mistakes” “I needed to practice more”

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Difficulty 2: Feels Inflexible “I wanted to stop and say more, but I couldn’t” “Hard to be interactive” “Not all slides need 20s”

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So…Be Flexible -Allow stops, variations Message > Format

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Tough for unmotivated? +Needs basic Ppt ability

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Useful Templates .doc for planning .ppt for timed slides (Credit: Sylvan Payne)

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Liberating Constraints?

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Liberating? Give it a try! The rules seem to reduce long, unfocused, boring unrehearsed presentations.

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Thank you! Email:

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