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projectbrainsaver What is it all about?

projectbrainsaver is about you:

projectbrainsaver is about you Life can get very complicated very fast. Sometimes it’s hard to cope with everything that is happening. Keeping an eye on everything you are supposed to keep an eye on can get to be too much. That’s where projectbrainsaver comes in.

Imagine a set of tools…:

Imagine a set of tools… Tools that include a personal firewall for you – feed your mail and your ‘unknown caller’ phone calls through it and you will know if it’s a game or a genuine communication attempt. Have it built into your front door – ask and if the answer is dishonest they don’t get in – you can even give it permission to contact the local neighbourhood watch, or the police, if you think it warrants it. Free up your head from worrying.

Tools that work for you:

Tools that work for you Hunting down specific information Stopping identity theft The best holiday for you or the cheapest gizmo Your illness diagnosed Your fights fought and all because you talked …

A whole library of tools for you:

A whole library of tools for you All worked by simply talking A real case of ‘Ask and ye shall receive’ A simple phone call – or even just a button – connects you with the best data handling technology and voice technology linked to the power of the World Wide Web - information and the knowledge of how to use it. Great power at your command.

This ‘kit’ listens to you.:

This ‘kit’ listens to you. Start an account and then just start talking. Talk about anything you like. Not only does this kit have the power to understand languages, and slang, and regional accents, it also understands what makes up coherent, understandable use of that language.

This ‘kit’ understands you.:

This ‘kit’ understands you. Based on the best of the best technology, this ‘kit’ works for you, first and foremost. Technology normally used for profiling you for others is there for your use. Software designed to take in all the information in whatever form for major companies and government departments is there for your data. All of it


Costly? For about the same cost as a monthly broadband account you can have so much more As you talk this kit finds out what you want and helps you with it And if your asking something the machinery doesn’t understand it asks you until it does

When and where you need it:

When and where you need it Take unlimited real time and near real time computing and understanding capacity for  every type of input mankind can think of… And have it for your own use. Encrypted, Sacrosanct, Permanent—forever and a day—or Transient—but powerful for the time it’s needed.

For all reasons:

For all reasons A letter writing, email sending, people finding, organisin’, ace tasting, power packin’ brain clearer and amusement seeker with added all sorts Like social networking but no need to sit in front of a computer for hours No need for a computer at all Just an ordinary phone

Business technology:

Business technology Giant servers in fortress data centres, with unparalleled access to World data in all it’s forms, yours included... Big brother, watch out. Could be fun. Could get serious. With the ability to ‘understand’, by mathematics and grammar rules, what you are saying, or at least what you are getting at. If it doesn't  understand what you want to do, it asks until it does… and it learns by it’s mistakes—on your behalf as well as everyone else’s.

How do you get it?:

How do you get it? Easy. Just let us know you want it Simple as that When we reach the numbers needed to make it work we build the core Run the trial And then get back to you No cost to you until then

Identity theft?:

Identity theft? Give yourself access to major new ways of working your very own ‘digital data self’ that walks beside you (and which has done for some years now!)—see it for what it really is. Know where your data is being held. Correct it if you want to, or get it removed—over 20,000 of the worlds top enterprises will become open to this project the minute enough of you say ‘I want’.

All that’s needed is people:

All that’s needed is people Want to join in  with building a system add in that works for you? ...and for others if you want. Register Personally, as a Group, Company, Team or Consortium to be part of the building crew (3-6 months) Multiple NEW Commercial Prospects

PowerPoint Presentation:

You don’t need a computer—or even have to like them! Or a mobile! Mind you, if you’ve got either (or both) then things really take off! This isn’t just about money, but money is involved—not necessarily just from you to us!

These things and more:

These things and more Life Secretary Problem Sorter A 'Snowball' controller The Brainstorming Machine An autosorter The ultimate safe dating agency Family Fortuner House Chain Completer A ‘Firewall’ for human beings – a personal protector


Or… a super encyclopaedia A social patterns identifier – “Is it just me or is everyone twitchy /sad /angry /strange today?” A future bank of everything that’s ever added… for ever An ‘intelligent’ project coordination tool Family / small company coordinator


Or… A standard letter writer Phone in book writer A ‘Best Friend’ a ‘thinking’ correspondent for the mind side of human life An ‘Active Sales Agent’ for all ideas, thoughts, happenings. A ‘Interesting?’ Machine


Or… Automated buy /sell tool with auto deliver / collection Voice controlled insurance updater Opportunities researcher A language library – world languages – cross reference-able A saver of all endangered languages Or anything else that anyone thinks of Ad infinitum.

Send an email:

Send an email To Saying I WANT THIS KIT If you understand what this could do for others please get in touch too

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