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Smart phone Application Development: How to make it work Fomax Technologies Australia PO Box 1100 Templestowe VIC 3106 Phpne No - 61 3 9005 6588

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The adoption of smartphones has increased dramatically over the last few years. Primarily this is because of improvements in hardware as well as software. The entry of companies from China and India into global markets making cheap phones has created widespread competition and accessibility. This economic turn has resulted in another revolution that is more software oriented. The development of smartphone applications. There was a time when app development usually wasn’t quite as important. Sure there were some great apps that gained notoriety and fame but it wasn’t essential for business to work over mobile. This changed as software companies started realizing the power of business that can move with ease.

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The understanding in the change of functionality this has brought in has created significant avenues that organisations and businesses can explore. With this the markets have also reached new levels of expansion. In the fields of e-commerce something much more developed in economies where numbers are higher and markets are fragmented companies are moving towards a mobile application- only model. One of the most well-known companies doing this is Singapore/India-based Flipkart. The giant e-commerce brand one of Amazon’s biggest competitors in the country has experimented with s martphone application development.

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The organisation’s gambit proved harmful to some extent because they decided to shut down their mobile website. As numbers started falling the company understood what was required and decided to reconstitute mobile website development. The resulting website since it was launched has increased traffic significantly and created a strong return-on-investment. This is a learning that a smartphone application development software company may not be able to understand in the first go. In smaller markets it is a lesser concern but for services and organisations that are expanding nationally or globally the onus on keeping applications relevant is much higher. This means that deep technological expertise and ideas need to be explored and explained.

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Smartphone application development in Melbourne is a specialised field with specialised opportunities. This means that some organisations may excel in it but may not have the necessary global purview that they can use to create a product that works as intended. To make applications work development needs to be headed by trusted partners who will ensure that key decisions are made with knowledge and ease. Fomax Technologies is one of Melbourne’s most experienced smartphone application developers. Using their deep understanding of technology and crack global offshore experts who have worked with some incredible clients all over the world they bring expertise that cannot be denied. The company is one of the shining lights in app development across Victorian territory and provides solutions that are not only novel but unique and absolutely essential in giving businesses a boost.

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