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t’s Finally Time to Become the Confident, Assertive, Powerful YOU That You Always Could Have Been" Discover Step-By-Step How To Become More Confident!


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SELF-CONFIDENCE TRANSFORMATION 2 Disclaimer This e-book has been written for information purposes only. Every effort has been made to make this ebook as complete and accurate as possible. However there may be mistakes in typography or content. Also this e-book provides information only up to the publishing date. Therefore this ebook should be used as a guide - not as the ultimate source. The purpose of this ebook is to educate. The author and the publisher do not warrant that the information contained in this e- book is fully complete and shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions. The author and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this ebook.

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SELF-CONFIDENCE TRANSFORMATION 3 Table of Contents Introduction: Why Self-Confidence Changes Everything ...................... 5 No Really ................................................................................................ 6 Chapter 1: Defining Confidence ............................................................ 12 The Subtle Difference ............................... Error Bookmark not defined. Be Kind Be Yourself ................................. Error Bookmark not defined. Chapter 2: The Decisive Action-Taker .......... Error Bookmark not defined. Overcoming Risk Aversion ........................ Error Bookmark not defined. Social Pressure and Diffusion of Responsibility .. Error Bookmark not defined. Chapter 3: Overcoming Social Anxiety – Be Socially Bulletproof . Error Bookmark not defined. Where Does Social Anxiety Come From . Error Bookmark not defined. How to Overcome This .............................. Error Bookmark not defined. A Brief Primer on CBT .......................... Error Bookmark not defined. Cognitive Restructuring......................... Error Bookmark not defined. Chapter 4: Social Nootropics ........................ Error Bookmark not defined. Social Nootropics That Work and That Don’t ........... Error Bookmark not defined. Chapter 5: Combating Chronic Low-Esteem ............ Error Bookmark not defined. Chapter 6: Knowing Your Mission ................ Error Bookmark not defined.

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SELF-CONFIDENCE TRANSFORMATION 4 Charisma .................................................. Error Bookmark not defined. Being in Flow ............................................ Error Bookmark not defined. Chapter 7: The Confidence of Success ........ Error Bookmark not defined. Rock Solid Confidence in Your Pursuits .... Error Bookmark not defined. The Law of Attraction ................................ Error Bookmark not defined. Chapter 8: Fit Strong and Stylish ................ Error Bookmark not defined. Style for Men and Women ......................... Error Bookmark not defined. Physique ................................................... Error Bookmark not defined. Chapter 9: The Most Powerful Tool: Meditation ....... Error Bookmark not defined. How to Get Started With Meditation .......... Error Bookmark not defined. Chapter 10: Putting it All Together: How to be Magnetic ................ Error Bookmark not defined. Conclusion: Confidence Checklist ............... Error Bookmark not defined.

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SELF-CONFIDENCE TRANSFORMATION 5 Introduction: Why Self-Confidence Changes Everything If you could enhance a single trait about yourself with the objective of improving your success your happiness and your effectiveness what would it be Your intelligence Your empathy Your height I’m here to tell you that 99 of the time you’d get the best results by enhancing your confidence. In other words all those self-help books that tell you to take supplements to make yourself smarter to work out more or to stick a lump of butter in your coffee are barking up the wrong tree. With self-confidence you can genuinely accomplish anything.

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SELF-CONFIDENCE TRANSFORMATION 6 No Really This might seem like the kind of advice you get from a poster with someone punching their fist into the air in front of a sunset. It might sound like the sort of thing that your mother would say to you but which you suspect she may not really mean. But it’s true. Self-confidence really does change the way you approach every situation the way that others see you and the way that you come out of every interaction. How Well let’s start with a little bit of evolutionary theory. Evolutionary psychology and theory in general essentially tells us that all of our behavior and all of our traits have been ‘selected’. In other words your ancestors all managed to survive in order to pass on their DNA and create you because they had traits that helped them to survive. Your great great great great great Uncle Jimmy though died out because he had traits that didn’t help him survive. And those did not get passed on to you. What does this have to do with confidence Well it comes down to the crucial importance of social interactions. That is to say that human beings are naturally social animals. We are pack animals just like dogs or wolves although a human ‘pack’ is actually known as a tribe. Being a member of a tribe would have helped us to survive by giving us strength in numbers access to potential mates greater resources etc. Those members of the tribe that would get

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SELF-CONFIDENCE TRANSFORMATION 7 ostracized and left out in the cold would end up dying out as a result of less access to food and resources and less protection from predators. So maybe Uncle Jimmy died out because he was unsocial and he got evicted from his group. Survival at least partly comes down to a popularity contest. Think of it a little bit like Big Brother But social success is not just a binary matter. It is not a case of being accepted into the group or not being accepted. It’s also true that you can exist within that group at different levels. So you have your alphas and your queens. These are the individuals that rise to the top of the ladder and which command the most respect. They are generally physically more intimidating they are generally more intelligent and they are generally ‘wealthier in terms of what they have access to. These alphas get their choice of mate they get first pickings when it comes to food and they get to sleep on the most comfortable pile of hay in the cave. Point is that being alpha means you are more likely than anyone else to survive and to thrive even more so. If you are an omega if you are the jester of the group then you don’t get fed as well and you become much more likely to get killed when you go out hunting and gathering. So how do you ensure that this doesn’t happen to you What’s more is that the alpha of the group or those that are higher up in the pecking order will get access to the best mates. And I am talking strictly objectively here. These are the best

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SELF-CONFIDENCE TRANSFORMATION 8 mates in terms of their genetic potential which by the way is how we decide who we find most attractive. If you are an alpha male then you can offer better genetics more resources and more safety for your offspring. And this is why women find you more attractive. Likewise if you are the alpha female the same thing goes. You are the envy of every man and this sends out a powerful social signal that lets you have your pick of the men. And guess what Nothing has changed. We might consider ourselves to be more civilized and advanced today. But the reality is that we are still operating by precisely the same rules. Women find men attractive who are: • Physically strong good genetic material good protection • Funny intelligent – good genetic material socially in-tune • Intelligent good genetic material • Stylish wealthy and socially in-tune good social standing • Wealth good protection/provisions • Masculine good genetic material good protection • Kind generous socially in-tune good social standing Men find women attractive who are: • Physically attractive good genetic material • Conventionally attractive social signal that they are ‘in- demand’ • Funny intelligent – good genetic material socially in-tune • Stylish wealthy and socially in-tune good social standing • Well presented this is a trick that enhances their apparent genetic material

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SELF-CONFIDENCE TRANSFORMATION 9 • Kind generous socially in-tune good social standing As you can see all of the traits that we look for in a partner ultimately boil down to directly enhancing the strength and resources of ourselves and our offspring while also climbing the social ranks in order to ensure better access to resources in both cases. And the same thing even happens when we choose friends. We are naturally drawn to people who are generous and friendly because they can help to provide us with more resources. And at the same time we are also drawn to people who are alphas – because by associating ourselves with those people we can thereby raise our own social status and thus our own access to mates and resources. Now here’s the other thing. Human beings are naturally inclined to try and make decisions about people quickly and on a snap-basis. This is also a trait that has strong survival value. If someone approaches you in a dark alley and you take a ‘don’t judge a book by its cover approach then there is a very good chance you’ll be mugged and no-one will ever know what an open-minded individual you were. On the other hand if you take the stance that ‘they look scary they are scary’ then you will run and survive to be prejudiced another day. Unfortunately this trait leads to a lot of other problems today. But that is outside the scope of this book for sure We’re not here to right social injustice sadly This happens when it comes to social interactions too. When we meet someone in a bar we very quickly need to decide whether

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SELF-CONFIDENCE TRANSFORMATION 10 we want to spend time talking to them or not. Are they worth our time And finally this is where we get to the power of confidence. When we see someone who is confident. When we see someone who can walk into a room and command positive attention and success. When we meet someone who is well dressed and attractive… all these things make us presume that they are more alpha. Why Because someone who is highly confident it is safe to assume must have a reason to be confident. If someone is confident to tell jokes to be confrontational to act like themselves without feeling the need to ‘fit in’ and change their behavior… then the assumption will always be that there is a reason they are so confident. The assumption is that they must be alpha they must be good genetic material or they must be wealthy. Whatever the case that confidence buys the individual instant respect. It makes them more attractive in a sexual way but it also makes them a natural leader it makes them someone that we feel able to put our trust in and it makes them someone that we want to associate with ourselves. In short by being confident you become someone who is more appealing in every way on an unconscious way. There are more ways that confidence makes us more potent and effective but we’ll address those points as we go. Just know that confidence will improve your: • Sex life

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SELF-CONFIDENCE TRANSFORMATION 11 • Relationships • Career • Happiness • Wealth • Success • Business endeavors • Personal development And much more

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SELF-CONFIDENCE TRANSFORMATION 12 Chapter 1: Defining Confidence So with that in mind it’s time that we set out to boost your confidence and start giving you that social edge that will make other people instantly look up to you and treat you with respect. And the way we start to do that is by better defining the goal and the end point. We can’t reach a destination before we know exactly where it is that we’re going. And so with that in mind… what is confidence What does it look like In the truest sense confidence is belief in yourself and a lack of anxiety. We’re talking principally about ‘self-confidence’ though of course you can also be ‘confident’ in other things. Self-confidence has many facets itself too though. Self-confidence means that you are confident in yourself that you like yourself

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SELF-CONFIDENCE TRANSFORMATION 13 and that you don’t wish that you could change some fundamental and underlying aspect of yourself. This is self-esteem and self-esteem is certainly incorporated into the concept of self-confidence. Self-confidence though more precisely focusses on your confidence in your own actions and decisions. Self-confidence requires self-esteem because self- esteem means that you trust yourself to make good decisions and to do the right thing. That gives you the self-confidence you need to trust in those decisions when you make them and to see them through. So let’s imagine a situation. You are among some colleagues at work and there are some very loud characters there. Maybe the CEO is there. Maybe your direct boss is there. Maybe someone you fancy is there. Everyone is planning on making a decision that you think is the wrong decision. You have a hunch that it could lose the company millions. And so you speak up and you course correct. You tell the group that if they go ahead with their plan they will most certainly end up losing a lot of money. That is self-confidence. Here you are confident enough in your decision to speak up and to go against the grain. You are confident enough to confront your boss and someone who has many more resources than you. You are confident enough to put yourself out on a limb and to potentially take the consequences if it comes to that.

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SELF-CONFIDENCE TRANSFORMATION 14 And guess what You just made yourself incredibly sexy to that colleague you fancy. And you caught the attention of your boss and the CEO because you now look like someone who must have a lot of insight and faith in themselves. You are not a yes man or woman. You are someone who is able to take charge. If you would like to read the rest of this .pdf simply click the yellow PayPal button below make the purchase and you will be IMMEDIATELY redirected to the full report .pdf. Only 3.95 Mark. PS. And yes Im a real person. For 3.95 - You Get 1. Self-Confidence Transformation Guide 2. Point-By-Point Checklist 3. Resource Cheat Sheet 4. Mindmap Sells on my website for 47 – But Yours Today For 3.95

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