To Improve Longevity of your Boat use Mercruiser Parts

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At Marine Parts House, we stock a wide range of boat motor parts, offering them at the best prices. Whether you are looking for Mercruiser Parts or OMC parts or any boat motor parts for any other brand, we all have it. Explore the range online and compare with other sites. You can contact us via 866-578-9070.


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To Improve Longevity of your Boat use Mercruiser Parts:

To Improve Longevity of your Boat use Mercruiser Parts

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There are various marine companies having worldwide reputation in selling and repairing in used parts. Various used parts are available in the market, if one can not afford to purchase the new part, old and repaired part are the best option. These parts are comparatively cheap and are in very good conditions and are easily affordable. Out of many OMC parts, the propellers are generally stainless steel make and available sometimes with three blades and generally most of the OMC requires four blades. These are the heart of any vehicle and are available in various HP capacities. The propeller rating and displacement or fuel system are also important for a specific purpose motorboat. These are the important OMC parts and every used propeller must be selected carefully on the basis of actual requirement. The propellers may be either 2 strokes or 4 strokes. The old propellers are available from a very short duration use to large use and accordingly the cost comes down. Raw water pumps or circulating water pumps are used for cooling outboard engines by continuously circulating water. These pumps are supplied with full instructions and can be replaced easily. Fuel pumps are small nozzles through which fuel, which is generally diesel, is injected to the engine. Although the repaired pumps are rarely used, but even then the repaired water and fuel pumps are cheap and can be used for some duration.

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Mercruiser parts includes engine, carburettor , exhaust manifolds, water and fuel pump, oil coolers etc. Mercruiser is an advanced marine propulsion system and is available in recreational and commercial vehicles ranging from 1.5-liter displacement to 14.0-liter displacements. These are generally two-stroke diesel engine vehicles and are termed as inboards or stern drives depending on the vehicle design. A tag is attached to identify engine model, serial number of engine, transcom assembly serial number and drive serial number. Similarly for inboard transmission, model and serial numbers are provided on a tag on the top or side of transmission.

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