Used Genuine Exhaust Manifolds for your Boat Engine

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The Marine Parts House is the leading online portal to offer an extensive range of boat motor parts, including anodes, engine parts, exhaust manifolds and more. Yes, you can find the Mercruiser exhaust manifolds too, along with other brands. Browse our portal to view the products and respective specifications. Call us at 866-578-9070.


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Used Genuine Exhaust Manifolds for your Boat Engine:

Used Genuine Exhaust Manifolds for your Boat Engine

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Mercruiser is a marine propulsion system that is available in two variants. One is commercial and the other is recreational. These two vehicles are available with 1.50 - litre to 14.0 - litre displacement engines. Proper functioning of Mercruiser parts is very important for the entire system to work efficiently and smoothly. The engine of the Mercruiser is called its heart, which is available in 4, 6 or 8 cylinder variants. Generally, a tag is attached to the engine that specifies its details. Carburetor regulates and filters the fuel coming from the fuel pump and further delivers it to the engine where it is used for combustion. Mercruiser Exhaust Manifolds are used for removal of combustion after the fuel is burnt. Fuel pump is used to supply fuel to the engines via the carburettor . Diesel is generally used as fuel in these engines. Water pumps are also employed in the system for effectively cooling the heated engines. These pumps maintain the water supply in the cooling channels. The oil used for lubrication when the system is working gets heated. It is necessary to cool this heated oil before it is again used for lubrication. This is done with the help of oil coolers. These coolers are cylindrical in shape and come in different capacities depending on the engine size. Sometimes even multiple coolers are used for faster cooling of the heated oil.After the fuel is burnt inside the engine, combustion gases leaves from exhaust manifolds. This directs the combustion gases to the rear of the engine and to the atmosphere. OMC exhaust manifolds are also used for removing combustion.

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Marine Mufflers are used for backpressure compensation. These mufflers are made out of fibreglass that acts as silencers . The purpose of engine and gear oil is to protect the relevant parts from excessive wear and tear. These oils also take away the extra heat from the moving parts. It is very important to change these oils at regular intervals of time to prevent damage to the engine and gears.

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