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Negotiating a Child Custody Issue in an Uncontested Divorce in Georgia In any divorce case there are three main issues that are property support and child custody. Often the couple finds themselves at conflicting ends with the distribution of the property getting the legal and physical custody of the child and providing suitable support to the child. As in an uncontested divorce couples mutually agree on the division of assets or property alimony and parenting issues it is easier and more cost-effective to settle the divorce case without contesting it in the court. If you agree in the division of property as per the statute and Child Support in Uncontested Divorce or parenting issue but disagree on child’s custody issue you can better avail services of an experienced attorney for amicable negotiation of child custody. What Factors Need to Be Taken into Account for Child Custody Agreement 1. Consider Sole or Joint Custody Based on one’s earning and competence the couple can either go for sole or joint custody for any/both legal and physical custody. Parents usually go for joint legal custody where each of the parents can decide on education and medical care of the child. You can even opt for joint physical custody where the child will spend a significant amount of time with father and mother.

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2. Focus on the Best Interest of Your Child With any divorce case children are the worst hot as they find it no less than a psychological or emotional trauma. You as a parent need to focus on your child’s best interest and agree upon specific points taking cues from Georgia’s child support guidelines. Get Free Uncontested Divorce Consultation from experts - For more information: Mariettadivorce.com

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