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Armenian American Cultural Association, Inc. (AACA) U.S. Sponsor of Armenian American Wellness Center (AAWC), Yerevan, Armenia:

Armenian American Cultural Association, Inc. (AACA) U.S. Sponsor of Armenian American Wellness Center (AAWC), Yerevan, Armenia Copyright 2016 AACA |


Copyright 2016 AACA | The Armenian American Wellness Center (AAWC) The Armenian American Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art Medical Facility with Nine D epartments and 87 staff members, of which 71 are women . *** The Center provides high quality healthcare services using Western technology, expertise, & standards based on American principles & practices.


Copyright 2016 AACA | In 2015, at the USAID–ASHA Annual Conference, Washington D.C. The Wellness Center received First Place for “Empowerment of Women”, in Armenia The picture above is taken in the lobby of the Wellness Center, showing some of our 84 staff members with the Executive Director, Khachanush Hakobyan, seated in the center.


Our Mission To save, prolong, and improve lives of Women/Mothers through early and accurate detection of diseases and to provide appropriate recommendations for treatment. Copyright 2016 AACA |


In April 1997 , Rita Balian, President of AACA, USA, o rganized the F irst Medical Mission to Armenia, and together with Hranush Hakobian, presently the Minister of Diaspora of Armenia, e stablished the Armenian American Wellness Center (AAWC or Wellness Center). Copyright 2016 AACA | The Armenian American Wellness Center History (Part 1) They registered the Wellness Center as the first Non-Profit organization -- “Foundation” -- in the country. Co-Founders: Rita Balian and Hranush Hakobian

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Storage page Copyright 2016 AACA | In 2000 , the U.S. Embassy together with USAID Mission in Yerevan began a partnership with the Armenian American Cultural Association (AACA) for its humanitarian project, in Armenia , The Armenian American Wellness Center (AAWC) . In 2002, the Armenian Government donated the entire Soviet-era old building to the Armenian American Wellness Center, where the project was initiated on the first floor of the building. The Armenian American Wellness Center History (Part 2)


Copyright 2016 AACA | In 2004, USAID-ASHA (American Schools and Hospitals Abroad) joined the efforts of AACA and its Donors throughout the USA, to Reconstruct, Expand, and Seismically Reinforce the 5-story building into the P resent D ay 6-story Modern Medical Facility using Armenian Architectural Designs and American Engineering E xpertise. The Armenian American Wellness Center History (Part 3)


BEFORE Soviet Era building donated to AAWC by the Government of Armenia in 2002 Copyright 2016 AACA | AFTER Extensive Reconstruction, Expansion and Seismic Reinforcement completed from 2004 – 2012 with USAID Partnership Old View - Rear of the building Renovated View - Rear of the building Old View - Front of the building Renovated View - Front of the building


Copyright 2016 AACA | Facades of the building (front & back), showing Solar Paneled Photo Voltaic (PV) Roof – which generates 10kW Energy View of Front Landscape w/ lawn & Evergreen Trees Open rear space converted into a Doctors Café


Our Accomplishments to Date April 1997 – January 2016 AAWC’s 87 Medical & Administrative Staff members are all trained by US Medical Specialists, on-site in Armenia, and/or in USA, during the 80 Medical Exchanges organized by AACA 160 to 200 - Patients visit the Center Daily 3,750 – Patients lives saved 331,825 – Patients served 429,354 – Medical services provided 228,989 – Breast Cancer Screenings & Diagnosis provided 124,036 – Gynecological Services provided 142 – “Miracle Babies” born since 2004 24,606 – Family Planning & Consultations provided 1,943 – Men’s Health Screenings provided 20,204 – Patients served during Medical Outreach Missions


In October 2011, US Ambassador John Heffern and Dr. J. Cheema (USAID Mission Head in Yerevan) presented a “Certificate of Appreciation” to the Wellness Center for its excellence in providing quality healthcare to women and their families. Copyright 2016 AACA |


The Wellness Center became the first recipient of the “Public Confidence Award” for Excellence in Women’s Healthcare for four consecutive years, 2012-2015 Copyright 2016 AACA |


First Floor Lobby Reception Desk, Waiting Area and 3 Individual Registration Booths Reception desk with Armenian Manuscript panels Patients waiting before and after registration


Copyright 2016 AACA | First Floor Entrance “Breast Screening & Diagnosis” & “Gynecology” Departments Nurse’s station welcoming patients 11 Brochures on “Healthy L ifestyles ” Grateful partnership with USAID since 2000 Waiting patients for screening and GYN exams


Copyright 2016 AACA | Radiologist of the Wellness Center during Training and Application Three Dimensions (3D) Mammography Two System – latest technology - installed in March, 2012 (Selenia Dimensions (3D) Tomosynthesis System) First Floor “Breast Screening & Diagnosis” Department – Est. in 1997


Copyright 2016 AACA | First Floor “Breast Screening and Diagnosis” Department – continued Ultrasonography - APLIO 500 - to scan and diagnose all organs in the body Radiologists using Ultrasound – Xario – for Breast, Abdominal and Thyroid gland Screening


Copyright 2016 AACA | First Floor “Gynecology” Department – E st. in 2001 The GYN Department provides : a) Pap smears for screening Cervical Cancer b) STA Screening c) Family Planning and infertility treatments d) Addressing M enopausal issues One of GYN Exam Rooms furnished with latest Western equipment Gynecology staff m eeting


142 “Miracle Babies” born T o C ouples S truggling with Infertility - S ince 2004 Copyright 2016 AACA |


Copyright 2016 AACA | First Floor Medical Records Filing Room “Filing System for Patient Medical Records” Introduced in Armenia by AAWC


Copyright 2016 AACA | Second Floor “Pathology Lab for Cytology & Histology ” Department – E st. in 2001 Right: Cytology colleagues explaining diagnosis to patient Left Top: Cytologist Dr. Angela looking at patient’s slide using latest microscopic technology Left Bottom : Cytology colleagues assessing diagnosis


Second Floor “Family Medicine & Endocrinology” Department – E st. in 2003 Dermatology services are also provided Dr. Christine Avakoff, from California, t raining Doctors and Interns in Dermatology Dr. John Poochikian, from California U.S ., training Wellness Center Doctor and Nurse in Family Medicine


Recent Medical Research in USA and Europe has shown a strong correlation between Dental Health and many other fatal diseases, such as Heart Disease Breast Cancer Pancreatic Cancer, and Arthritic Diseases (Rheumatology and Osteoarthritis ) Dr . Julia Albright, Emeritus Professor of Immunology at George Washington University Medical Center, in Washington DC, one of the 16 U.S. Medical Advisory Board Members of AACA and AAWC, strongly advised to establish a Dental Clinic at the Wellness Center, to provide complete Healthcare Services to women and their families in Armenia. Copyright 2016 AACA | Introduction of Dental Health at the Wellness Center


Copyright 2016 AACA | Second Floor “Dental” Department – E st. in May 2013 Two Ergonomically Built Dental Chairs with fully furnished Dental Lab


Fourth Floor “Ambulatory Outpatient Surgery” Department – E st. in May 2013 Copyright 2016 AACA | Surgery Room with latest Western technology Radical Mastectomy Surgery in progress Preparation and Recovery patient area, separated by anti-bacterial curtains from Europe Nursing Station to oversee patients in preparation and recovery area


Fourth Floor “Ambulatory Outpatient Surgery” Department – Continued Surgery staff at the Wellness Center Surgery in progress for Radical Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction with Nipple Sparing Surgery in progress for Breast Lumpectomy Nurse taking vital signs of the patient in recovery


Fifth Floor Conference Hall for Medical, Scientific, & Educational Symposiums – Est. in 2012


Copyright 2016 AACA | Basement “Diagnostic Imaging” Department – Est. in Dec. 2015 A CT-Scanner called Aquilion Lightning, the latest cutting edge technology, makes imaging faster and safer and reduces radiation exposure to patients by 75%. This machine was approved by FDA (USA ) in November, 2015. Left: The Nurse and Supervisor will exit the room after they administer the intravenous contrast to the patient Right: Chief of Department, Dr. Hovik , is ready to interpret scanned results


Copyright 2016 AACA | Basement “Diagnostic Imaging” Department – Est. in Dec. 2015 ( continued) Top left & right: A Digital X-Ray Unit , called Raffine, which has a rotating arm Bottom right: The reading room for the radiologist, isolated by a glass door


Basement “Diagnostic Imaging” Department – Est. in Dec. 2015 & Osteoporosis Screening (DEXA Unit) - installed in 2006 Copyright 2016 AACA | AAWC was the first in Armenia to introduce the Osteoporosis machine DEXA Unit to measure the mineral density in bones. The machine was upgraded in 2010 with an additional Discovery DEXA System to deliver exceptional precision and pinpoint accuracy of the spinal cord. Additionally, a new software called FRAX was added to show even the smallest crack in the spinal cord, from neck to coccyx (tailbone).


Medical Outreach Missions - Since 1998 Free-of-charge Services Provided to Populations in Remote Regions 20 to 30 Medical Outreach Missions have been organized To-date: - 24,085 Services provided to 19,216 Patients - 305 Missions in Armenia + 4 in Artsakh During these Missions two portable ultrasounds are used for various screenings. Above: Map of Armenia showing the 11 Marzes . Below: Nursing home patients reading all eleven pamphlets on healthy lifestyles , produced and distributed by the Wellness Center.


Doctor’s Cafe In 2015, a modern Café for healthy food was built at the rear space of the building. The mission is to provide affordable prices to patients, staff members, and University Medical students. Copyright 2016 AACA |


Annual Health Walks for Public Awareness & Education Since 1997 , the Wellness Center has observed October as “Breast Cancer Awareness” month in Armenia. Health walks are led by the U.S. Ambassador, the Minster of Health, and the Co-Founders of the Wellness Center. Copyright 2016 AACA |


Copyright 2016 AACA | We thank USAID-ASHA for our partnership since 2004 and o ur American donors for making AACA’s humanitarian project, AAWC, possible, and helping us create a Healthier Nation, in Armenia


We thank our 16 U.S. Medical Advisory Board Members, coming from 8 U.S. Medical University Hospitals for their D edicated S ervices, Guidance, Training and T echnical Expertise provided to the Wellness Center.


Copyright 2016 AACA | “Each time we save a mother, we save her entire family, her community, and thus, her Nation!” -Rita Balian President & Founder, AACA-AAWC


For more info please visit Prepared by AACA, Inc. In-House Production Copyright 2016 AACA |

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