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The Cause-Effect Essay : 

The Cause-Effect Essay Explaining why things happen

3 Organization Patterns : 

3 Organization Patterns Multiple Causes Multiple Effects Causal Chain

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Depending on the topic, there may be three organization patterns: The first pattern is when multiple causes lead to an effect In this pattern, the organization is Thesis statement: Air pollution is caused by exhaust gases from cars, uncontrolled factory releases, and burning low-quality coal for heating.

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The second pattern is for multiple effects. In this pattern, the effects of a certain situation  are then explained in separate paragraphs, with the following organization: Thesis statement: Watching too much TV is a major sociological issue of this century that leads to eating disorders, problems in communication, and relationship issues.

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The third pattern is causal chain. In this pattern, one event leads to another, as in a chain reaction. Thesis statement: Using deodorants with chlorofluorocarbon gas can ruin the ozone layer, overheat polar icecaps, and then flood the entire world.

3 Types of Causes : 

Necessary Cause Sufficient Cause Contributory Cause 3 Types of Causes

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A. Necessary cause is one that must be present for the effect to occur. B. Sufficient Cause is one that can produce an effect unaided, though there may be more than one sufficient cause of a given effect. C. Contributory Cause is one that helps to produce an effect but cannot do so by itself.

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To figure out what’s going on in cause and effect relationships, we especially must discover the single primary cause. For example, if you are to write on why room mates fight, you have to sort out a lot of minor reasons from the major cause.

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Off hand, we know that roommates argue over Sloppiness Bad music Staying up all night But these are not the basic reason at all! They are superficial and symptomatic of a much deeper, more fundamental reason why roommates fight.

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A basic cause of the roommates arguing can be their differences: One’s messy; the other is neat. One likes Snoop Dog; the other, Mozart. One’s a morning person; the other is up all night. And that might be it—but can there still be something even deeper as to why people fight?

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The differences between roommates are legally called sufficient cause. Sufficient cause means it was enough to make something happen. Yet it may not be the primary cause. Roomies can cooperate even with differences. What about toleration?

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On a deeper level, perhaps two people aren’t getting along just because they don’t want to Cooperate Compromise Adjust Example Thesis: Room mates can coexist if they can adjust to each other’s differences.

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Of course, not every cause-effect essay is about the causes. In fact, some may center on the effects of a single cause. Example Topic: What are the results of air pollution? Example Thesis: Air pollution negatively affects plants, animals, and humans.

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