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Laravel Admin Panel - JOSH

Laravel :

Laravel Laravel is the favourite PHP framework of many professionals for the development of custom software. This framework makes it easy for the user to implement authentication and provides a clean and user-friendly API

Installing Laravel:

Installing Laravel

Create Laravel App:

Create Laravel App

Laravel directory structure:

Laravel directory structure Let us discuss the directory structure in brief It comes as no surprise that all Laravel projects have essentially the same directory structure - one in which every file has its designated place. By gently forcing this directory structure upon developers, Laravel ensures that your work is semi-automatically organized the Laravel way. As you can see, this standard directory structure consists of quite a few subdirectories. This wealth of subdirectories can be overwhelming at first, but well explore them one by one. Most of your work will happen in the app/ folder, but heres a basic rundown on the function of each of the files and folders

Josh- An Example Laravel App:

Josh- An Example Laravel App Want to be more familiar with Laravel ? You can go for Josh which is an excellent admin template for Laravel framework. This template made with rich features Responsive clean design User friendly Laravel HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap 4

Laravel Starter Kit:

Laravel Starter Kit Josh Admin Template comes with more than 100 pages. For an instance if the project requires only few pages to add in the application, we came up with a concept Called starter kit where we include minimum required pages like Login, Register Forgot Password and User Management.

Laravel Starter Kit :

Laravel Starter Kit


Laravel GUI CRUD BUILDER As a developer, we spend lot of time doing mundane tasks like CRUD operations but with Josh, You can have a working CRUD Module just in 5 Minutes, Just select your model name and all the fields you want then it will create model, Controller , Data base schema and all other files automatically



Log Viewer:

Log Viewer All the Laravel errors raised in the project can be shown in the Log viewer, such that errors can be identified easily, It also shows the Alerts and Critical warning that occurred in the project.

Log Viewer:

Log Viewer

Dynamic Charts -JOSH :

Dynamic Charts -JOSH Charts give the pictorial representation of data that makes data analysis easy with different types of Charts. New dynamic charts are also added by using dynamic charts.

Dynamic Charts - JOSH:

Dynamic Charts - JOSH

Why you should buy Josh ? :

Why you should buy Josh ?


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