How to prepare your lobster

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How to prepare your lobster

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Lobsters are a delicious dish to eat. And lobsters Nova Scotia are a signature dish in Canada. And if you want to cook your lobster you will first have to know how to prepare it.

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1. Choose the right one If you are going to pick out a lobster you have to pick the right one to eat. There are lobsters of different species. Lobsters of different species will taste differently. And they will also differ in how you prepare them. For example it is easier to shuck lobsters that are soft-shelled than lobsters that are hard shelled. You should also pick lobsters that are relatively large to ensure that you can eat a lot of meat. You also have to check the price of a lobster the fresher and fitter a lobster is the more expensive it will be.

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If you are going to buy a live lobster you have to make sure that it is still fresh. A lobster that has been out of the water for too long will begin to lose most of its fat and you cannot get a lot of meat from a starving lobster. You should check the color of the lobster the more vibrant the color the fresher it will be. Buying a pre-cooked lobster is a different matter. If you want the best tasting lobster nova scotia then you have to buy a live one. However if you want a cheaper kind of lobster then you can just get a pre-cooked one. A pre-cooked lobster should be eaten right away after you have bought it since it can degrade in quality pretty fast.

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2. Cooking your lobster When you are going to prepare your lobster there are a few things you have to do in preparation for it. You have to make sure that the preparations for your lobster are all done if you want an easier cooking experience. First gather up all of your cooking utensils. You will need a large pot that will be able to fit all of the lobsters you are planning to cook. Make sure that this large metal pot has handles so you can safely grip the pot when you are going to carry it around. You should also have cooking gloves to protect your hands from heat. It is also handy to have metal tongs so you can move the lobsters around when you are cooking them.

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For live lobsters you should freeze them in your refrigerator before cooking this. Doing this will knock them unconscious. If you do not want your lobsters to suffer from being boiled alive you should make sure that you have placed them in your freezer for at least half an hour. You have to cook your lobsters Nova Scotia humanely. Next you will want to fill the pot up with water and then get the water boiling to a hot enough temperature. When the water is finally boiling you can now start cooking your lobster. One lobster equals about 10 minutes of cooking it in the boiling water. That is it all you need to know about how to cook your lobster Nova scotia. For a quick recap remember to buy a live fresh lobster cook it humanely and have the right tools to cook it.

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