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Past Form:

Past Form Of the Verb BE

Forms of the verb Be::

Forms of the verb Be: Was Were Was not/Wasn’t Were not/Weren’t

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. Today Yesterday The boy is sick today.He is in bed. The boy was not sick yesterday.He was fine

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Affimative Form I was You were He was She was It was We were You were They were Was I ? Were you? Was he? Was she? Was it were we? Were you? Were they? Negative Form I was not/wasn’t You were not/weren’t He was not/wasn’t She was not/wasn’t It was not wasn’t We were not/weren’t You were not/weren’t They were not/weren’t Interrogative Form Conjugation

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The snowman ______ big. Let’s Practice: Sally ________ in the ballet class. Alexander `s bath______ warm. Stars ________ shiny last night .

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The bees _________(not)near the flowers this morning. The boys at the basketball practice yesterday? Let’s Practice: they in love last year?

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G r e a t J o b !

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