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ENGLISH PRESENTATION By Joselyn Borhot Section: E212

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My schedule Hi everyone, my name is joselyn, I have 26 years old, I am business student in this university (URBE), I like swim and play tennis. My days start early. Generally, I get up at 6:30 am, take a shower, brush my teeth, breakfast and go to the job, after at 1:30pm go to university and take my class.

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Special Occasions Venezuela`s Independence day is celebrate on July 5 (five) and the traditions is put the national flag in our houses and go to the traditional military parade, always the Venezuelan people take a rest in this days.

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Home Sweet Home I live in a house called Moduka, in las lomas Maracaibo, In my home live six 5 person (my mother, father, my older sister, my younger brother and me. In my home there are twelve rooms: 3 bedrooms, tow bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dinning room, laundry room, back yard, front yard and garage. My home is big and beautiful and have many furniture and appliances

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Clothing In this lesson talking about the different clothes like a pair of jeans, blouse and skirt. Usually in Maracaibo city, the people go to the mall for shopping clothes. My favorite store is “Zara”. In there the outfit are very expensive and beautiful. For example:

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Jobs and Ambitions I like very much my job. I am Informatics' teacher and I study business in the university, but a really want a good job with more economy stability and I want to be a excellent businesswoman and like work in a bank.

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