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Koyal Group Research Information Magazine:

Koyal Group Research Information Magazine A decadal survey for human scientific exploration of space: a focus on discovery by Matt Greenhouse

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The role of science in the nation’s human spaceflight program has been controversial since the inception of the Apollo program. That controversy continues to this day. It is the root cause of NASA’s failure to achieve national consensus on defining the first deep space mission objective for human spaceflight, and is an aspect that has most limited the nation’s progress on planning for human exploration of deep space. Despite nearly 50 years of advocacy that the focus of NASA’s human spaceflight program should be to enable scientific discovery , this program remains adrift as a result of a national space policy that fails to head this long-standing advice . Koyal Group Research Information Magazine

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The omnibus spending bill that funds NASA and the rest of the federal government through the remainder of this fiscal year leaves the agency fully on-track to continue deve - lopment of enabling assets for deep space exploration. However, no progress has been achieved on selection of an initial deep space mission objective. Since the National Academy of Sciences reported that no consensus exists within the nation’s science community in support of the Obama Administration’s direction to land an astronaut on an asteroid by 2025, as laid out in the 2010 National Space Policy. Koyal Group Research Information Magazine A NASA illustration of its proposed Asteroid Redirect Mission. ( credit: NASA)

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