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Marc Viechec can best be described as a well-rounded person, both professionally and personally. As a successful stockbroker, he works hard, and he takes a lot of pride in his accomplishments. He also makes sure that he carves out enough time to enjoy his wife, his children, and his extended family. When time allows, he also relishes a relaxing round of golf.


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Marc Viechec A Dynamic Professional Marc Viechec always had a mind for numbers and numerical patterns. He knew early on that a job in the financial sector would suit him well. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Penn State University, he began a career on Wall Street as a stockbroker. He has gone on to work independently, so his current opportunities are limitless.


Marc Viechec Expert Guidance Marc Viechec is a stockbroker who has been in the business for many years. While he was in his early twenties, he cut his teeth on Wall Street as a young college graduate. This experience was invaluable, and he learned how to guide clients toward lucrative opportunities. He decided to open his own independent brokerage in 2004, and his prescience continues to amaze clients.Marc Viechec is the type of business person who could easily sit back and rest on his laurels. He graduated from Penn State with a finance degree back in 1988 when he was 22 years of age.


Marc Viechec The Zen of Golf Marc Viechec immersed himself into one of the most demanding, high-pressure career positions that anyone can possibly hold. After he earned his degree in finance from Penn State, he went straight to Wall Street to look for a job. Marc Viechec found what he was looking for, and the rest is history. He carved out a solid position within his company, and he traversed a corporate career path on Wall Street for some 15 years.Though he could have continued to accept positions of ever-increasing responsibility, he decided to go in a different direction. As a native Pennsylvanian with a wife and two children, he decided that h


Marc Viechec Identify Your Passion Marc Viechec often mentors people who are looking for examples to follow. As a stockbroker who has been able to achieve an extraordinary level of success, he is certainly in a position to pass along some useful knowledge. Many of the people who reach out to Marc Viechec are young adults who are trying to decide how they should spend their professional lives. This can be a very complicated endeavor, and there can be conflicting information to process.


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