Outstand Salesmaker Software Oververview


Presentation Description

A quick overview presentation of the Outstand Salesmaker software showing you how to take advantage of Outstand to stand our from your competition, get noticed and get more sales. Outstand is an online software sales tool packed with incredible sales-making ideas and concepts. Outstand is the golden ticket of selling that helps you make sales, close deals and build loyal and profitable relationships. Outstand gives you the tools to attract, thank, engage, differentiate, stay in touch and wow your customers. Outstand is packed with powerful sales makers, including branded e-mails, e-mail greetings, ezines, printed postcards, printed greetings cards and even add a gift card to any greeting card for extra impact. Outstand allows you to import your contacts quickly from Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Excel, Act, salesforce.com and any other CRM. Outstand enables you to record the information about your customers, record their buying motives, their favorite things and your ideas to help them meet their needs and reach their goals. Try Ace of Sales free for 30 days by using the OUTSTAND promo code FREE30 at http://30daytrial.today/


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