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Civil Estimating Solutions provides a unique, support service to construction contractors of all sizes and caliber’s Australia wide. We offer estimates in the construction industry with a high level of accuracy, efficiency, fast turn around time and reliability. All of this equates to profitability for our clients.


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Presentation Flow What Well Talk About Today The Company Mission and Vision Our Services Our Work Process Contact Us INTRODUCTION | CIVIL ESTIMATIONS SOLUTIONS

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INTRODUCTION | CIVIL ESTIMA TING SOLUTIONS The Company ABOUT CIVIL ESTIMATING SOLUTIONS With over forty years of combined experience we are dedicated to resolving all sorts of challenges related to the operation of the civil constructional field. Whether the need is to meet up their lack in h u m a n capital or to guide t h e m with success in the bidding process or to aid t h e m in taking up some first-time prospective projects—we are there to serve with perfection all ends. The ground rule which we have continued to follow for all these triumphant years is the aspect of comprehending our clients. Along wi t h providing apex-level cognitive and calculative advice for the amplification of their business our civil estimator t e a m c o mmi t s the entirety of our attention to our customers’ needs. Contractual professionals can assuredly rely over our service for flawlessly accomplishing their project deadlines and can count upon our suggestions at the t i m e of pursuing new projects or exploring n e w dimensions.

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Chris Grosser Opportunities donthappen. You createthem. Our CoreBelief

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Mission andVision Our Philosophy No firm is literally ‘small’ or ‘big’ to us—everyone is our prized client. Be it a titan constructional corporation of Melbourne or just a start-up structural venture of Cairns solutions for each one’s success is there in our store. Maintaining a bond of amity and working at an amicable pace are our methods to gratify our customers. We infuse passion into our professionalism and attempt in enhancing the concord with our clients to that level where they can rely us as a part of their own h u m a n resource. Such a procedure makes us fit in rendering productive back up to the civil contractors as when they necessitate it in times of emergency.Maintaining a bond of amity and working at an amicable pace are our methods to gratify our customers. INTRODUCTION | CIVIL ESTIMA TING SOLUTIONS

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Our Services 1.Civil Estimating We take pride in assisting small and large contractors to tackle a range of civil projects. From large commercial infrastructure to smaller suburban developments our extensive experience dealing wi t h a range of clients in the civil industry means that our estimates take into account a range of factors including market trends technological innovations and site specific costing variations. 2. Project Management We offer tailor m a d e Project Management Services to Australia. Our ethical and energetic approach flows through the level of service we provide and help our clients to complete quality projects on time on budget. 3. PROGRAMMING SCHEDULING We distinctively specialize at the Programming Scheduling job by possessing a batch of expert drafters. Our m o t t o is to dedicate the same heed to every project—be that involves the dream mansion of a billionaire or the modest but integrated house of a c o m m o n man.

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Contact Us Mailing Address Suite 12 300 Albany Hwy Victoria Park WA 6004 Australia Email Address in foest im at in gsolution .au Phone Number 1300 083 238 Website htt p s://www .civil-est im at in .au/

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