7 Nonprofit e newsletter Best Practices

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https://donorbox.org/nonprofit-blog/7-non-profit-newsletter-best-practices/ Nonprofit marketers spend a great deal of time publishing nonprofit email newsletters. Here's a list of best practices for writing effective nonprofit email newsletters.


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7 Nonprofit E-Newsletter Best Practices

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Free / Affordable Easy to send Quick to deliver results Effective for fundraising Increase brand visibility

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Top 7 Nonprofit Newsletter Best Practices

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Clean Up Your Email List 1

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A healthy email list is essential if you want your nonprofit newsletters to be effective

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After sending out your email newsletters or campaigns take a look at your soft and hard bounces

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SOFT BOUNCE The mailbox was full The server was down The message was too large for the recipient’s inbox HARD BOUNCE The email address is invalid The email address doesn’t exist

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If you’re getting a lot of bounces or if your open and click rates are low you should re-evaluate your email list

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Keep Consistent 2

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The aim of nonprofit newsletters is to inform the subscribers - frequency and consistency

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The easiest way to go about this is to create an editorial calendar Having auto-responders set up helps the consistency and brand visibility

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Just make sure that the schedule is at least consistent if not regular

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Pay Attention to Design 3

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Use the white space Use proper fonts and font sizes Be mindful of the colors Use powerful imagery It’s all about that mobile design

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Think About Your Subject Line 4

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Keep it short Include a time-element Make it enticing Personalize it Test it

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Make Your Content Useful 5

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How to make your email newsletters more engaging Make sure your newsletter has excellent stories Make sure your newsletter has clear calls-to-action Make sure the messaging is about the subscriber

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Keep it Concise 6

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What is the most important information you need to convey Make your newsletter “scannable” Write short paragraphs Choose descriptive headlines and subheads Focusing on a single story or a single call to action Craft the message in your preview snippet

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Think Social and Shareable 7

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Include all of your social media links and easy share buttons Ask readers to forward your newsletter Offer incentives to those that get peers to sign-up for your newsletter

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TAKE A CHANCE ON THESE IDEAS Ultimately nonprofit newsletters are worth investing in. They are an essential communications tool.

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