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People Edge Consulting is dedicated to not only Recruitment and Selection Services, but also enabling leaders in translating Business Strategies into People Strategies, Practices and HR Operations at Organizational levels thus transforming their Human Resources function into a Key Business Enabler. We also provide thought leadership to Business Leaders and Corporate Heads in effective planning and implementation of HR Strategies and Operations, to meet long term business challenges with a focus on talent & leadership, culture & values, engagement & organizational capabilities, productivity & cost efficiency. We provide our clients with Recruitment and Selection Service in Kenya, enabling you to attract and get top talent that is the right fit for your organization. Do you need executive recruitment service? Or Head hunting Services? Whatever your needs, we are sure our selection service will get you a top talent.


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Get top ta l en t : H uma n R e source R ecruitmen t and S e l e ction S e rvice i n K e nya For more infor m atio n vis i t - http://w w w . p eo p leedge cons u l t in g .co. k e

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W e hav e a r ich his t or y in th e H R industr y . Ou r ser v ices ha v e gone f ar and b e y ond borders. W e are a truste d partner o f m a n y glob a l companies. W e are a on e sto p sho p f or all H R ser v ices. P e o ple Ed g e Consulting is a K en y a n -bas e d comprehensiv e hu m an res o urces consultancy dedicat e d t o helping organisation s jus t li k e y our s with thei r H R activities and work.

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M r . Mar c V oi Chiu l i , Asso c . C I PD Founde r & CEO Ms . Liza Ki p too Associat e Consultant Charle s Muth a ma Ass o ciat e Consultant M r . So l omon A k anga (LLB, BS P , Ms c - HRM, HN D , HRM , B A - Anthropolog y ) H um a n R e s ourc e Bu s ine ss P a rtner

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Address : Gre e n S h ade Ap t s . Sui t e No . D1 , P ost Of f ice R oad , Ki l ima n i , Nai robi  P . O . Bo x 2 2600 - 00100 Nai robi, K en y a  + 2 54 2 0 5 2 5 7 7 18  + 2 54 7 2 3 5 2 2 663 Als o vi s it our webs i t e- http:// ww w .peopleedgeconsulting. c


E mail : - info[at]people e dge consultin g .co. k e Than k y ou

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