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Culebra snorkeling Tours and Kayaking Puerto law journey be part of Caribbean Kayak Company in their celebrated Island soul Kayak Tour Visit Flamenco Beach


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Best Culebra Snorkeling Tours and Kayaking Puerto Rico Company:

Best Culebra Snorkeling Tours and Kayaking Puerto Rico Company It is simple. Culebra is visited by mainland Puerto Ricans, Americans and residents of Vieques because of the “arid” nature of the island, where there is no run-off from rivers or streams.  This results in clear waters around the archipelago.  Culebra  has world famous beaches like Flamenco Beach or Playa Flamenco, which can be reached by shuttle buses from the ferry. The beach extends a mile of white coral sand and is framed beautifully by arid tree-covered hills and it’s a great spot for Kayaking Puerto Rico

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