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According to Marc Bombenon its basic outline for one to start up a mentorship program in your own company. As mentorship is crucial for career growth and what’s better than your workplace to start mentoring.


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Developing a mentorship program within your company is hugely valuable when it comes to creating positive change ongoing employee satisfaction.

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A successful mentorship program will help to develop new leadership skills within the company and help employees develop a path to a successful career with the help of a fellow employee.

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There are two major things that need to be determined when developing the mentorship program: 1. The Program Objective 2. The Pairing Process

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DETERMINING THE OBJECTIVE PART 1 • Your company will need to know what your goals are before the program can be approved • If there are several issues you think can be helped via a mentorship program…pin point the most important one to focus on first

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DETERMINING THE OBJECTIVE PART2 • Make sure to work with company culture • If your office is formal make the application formal • A more casual office can work with a more casual sign-up process

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DETERMINING THE PAIRING PROCESS This is hands-down the most important part of developing your mentorship program. There are three major pairing options most mentorship programs will employ: 1. Group Mentoring 2. Peer Mentoring 3. Flash Mentoring

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GROUP MENTORING • In this scenario a group of employees collaborates to exchange resources and advice • The goal is to work towards mutual professional growth • There is generally a group leader in charge of facilitation

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PEER MENTORING • This is the most commonly used pairing process • Two employees that share a similar background/career path are paired • The goal is to foster continuous learning and an ongoing transfer of knowledge

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FLASH MENTORING • This is a series of one-time-only meetings • Mentees get to sit down with mentors for a certain amount of time and have a discussion • Protip: This is a great way to get execs busy higher-ups to mentor: it’s low pressure and doesnt take up much of their busy schedule

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