Marble & Granite Now Supplies More Than Just Marble & Granite

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Marble Granite Now Supplies More Than Just Marble Granite Hatfield’s company Marble Granite Ltd is supplying worktops made from materials other than just marble and granite. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of stone worktops in the UK and can also provide worktops made of quartz stone sintered stone limestone and quartzite in addition to granite and marble. Sintered stone has many benefits for use as a kitchen worktop. It is made from 100 natural minerals and oxides in a process that is called sinterization hence the name. The process involves powdered oxides and natural minerals being subjected to extreme heat and pressure which forms a solid mass of material that is extremely dense and for all practical purposes completely non-porous. This means that any spills are going to have zero effect on the stone as it will not stain. Unless the customer chooses a very high polished finish to the surface sintered stone is resistant to scratches and it is also resistant to any chemical cleaners such as bleach or ammonia. It is totally hygienic and is completely unaffected by high

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temperatures. Furthermore if exposed to constant sunlight by being next to a window for example its’ colours cannot fade away. It is also environmentally friendly with up to 52 of the content being recycled and in addition is recyclable at end of life. Engineered quartz stone is also a man-made product comprising approximately 93 natural quartz aggregates along with pigments and polymer resins. Natural quartz is actually the hardest non-precious stone in the earth’s surface and engineered quartz stone is twice as hard as granite and more than twice as hard as marble. It is highly resistant to stains scratches or cracks and is also heat and cold resistant. The surface of engineered quartz stone does not need sealing as do other materials and it doesn’t need treating or polishing or any other form of maintenance. Because it is non-porous it is totally hygienic so you can prepare food directly on the surface. Since it is cold it is ideal for rolling pastry on. Of course Marble Granite obviously produces marble and granite worktops as well and many people choose these for their amazing colours and swirling patterns which can add a very dramatic effect to a kitchen. Both materials have their devotees and the company can offer a wide choice of marble and granite slabs. About The Company: Marble Granite Ltd is a Hatfield-based manufacturer of stone worktops including sintered stone quartz stone quartzite and limestone in addition to marble and granite. For further information contact Tom Higham on 01992 535038. Marble and Granite Ltd 136/138 Great North Road Birchwood Industrial Estate

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Hatfield Hertfordshire England AL9 5JN

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