Types of Poems

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Types of Poems : 

Types of Poems

Acrostic Poems : 

Acrostic Poems Acrostic poems are poems in which the first letter of each line, when read vertically, spell out a word.

Gunpowder Elementary School : 

Gunpowder Elementary School Greatest School in Baltimore County Understanding how we learn Never a dull moment Priceless Only the best teachers Wonderful Specials Delicious lunches Exciting lessons Recess

Shape Poems : 

Shape Poems A shape poem is a poem designed with words that form the shape of the object the poem is about.

Birth of a Triangle : 

Birth of a Triangle Mama and Papa and Baby makes three Reaching sides of a three-sided tree Oedipal winds rustle from trees triangular shapes converting dissimilarity into peeves straight lines connect the corners turned mirrored sight un-burned buried am I

A Triangle Tale : 

A Triangle Tale I Do Not Know At All How I Got Stuck Inside This Piece Of Pie And I’m Unsure How To Begin To Get Out Of This Fix I Am In. This Triangle Is Simply Not An Entertaining Sort Of Spot So I Can Say Without A Doubt I’d Like To Leave And Wow…………............I Am Out

An Angel : 

An Angel an angel tumbling d o w n to earth

Ode : 

Ode An Ode is a poem praising and glorifying a person, place or thing.

Ode To A Butterfly by Lorraine Nesbit : 

Ode To A Butterfly by Lorraine Nesbit Oh! The butterfly He flutters all day, He roams the skies With some delay. He alights on trees, fences, and roses. To whatever attracts his fancy He will do his poses.

Slide 10: 

He’s up, he’s down He dances with the breeze, He comes, he goes And does it with ease. As I watch him In pure delight, I begin to wonder If he knows his own plight.

Slide 11: 

For soon spring turns into summer Then summer flies quickly by, The sun setting early Into a darkening sky. The butterfly is gone now Replaced by snow, But he will be back again To put on his beautiful show.

Haiku : 

Haiku Haiku is unrhymed Japanese verse consisting of three lines of 5-7-5 syllables. Haiku is written in the present tense and is about nature.

Slide 13: 

Pink cherry blossoms Cast shimmering reflections On seas of Japan

Cinquains : 

Cinquains A cinquain is a poem that consists of five lines. Each has a required number of syllables. Line 1= Title, noun, 2 syllables Line 2= Description, 4 syllables Line 3= Action, 6 syllables Line 4= Feelings, phrase,8 syllables Line 5= Title, synonym for the title

Slide 15: 

puppy ornery, naughty growling, jumping, chewing a playful bundle of trouble Boxer

Couplets : 

Couplets A couplet is a two lined poem with a fun and simple rhyming pattern. Couplets are often humorous. The last word in each line must rhyme.

Slide 17: 

My English teacher wants me to use my imagination So I go to math class and let my mind go on vacation!

Limericks : 

Limericks A limerick is a five line poem whimsical poem. Lines one, two and five rhyme with each other and lines three and four rhyme.

Slide 19: 

A flee and a fly and a flue Were caught, so what could they do? Said the fly, “let us flee.” “Let us fly,” said the flee. So they flew through a flaw in the flue.

Free Verse : 

Free Verse Free verse is a poem without any rules. There is no rhyme, meter, form or rhythm.

Slide 21: 

What do the oceans do at night? Do they tease and tickle the bottom of boats? Do they ripple away in fright? Or are the beaches like coats? That keep them still and quiet. And once the day breaks and it’s breakfast time Do the oceans wish for some other diet than fish?

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