HTML5 - A Boon For New Age Technology Users


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Complete guide on HTML5 features and benefits across various domains.


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A powerpoint Presentation 01 HTML5 - A Boon For New Age Technology Users


It is a markup language used for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web. It is the fifth and current version of the HTML standard. What is html5?


Why to use HTML5 ?


Accessibility Create sites easier with enriched semantic tags making them more accessible


Video and Audio Support Goodbye to third party plugins or add-ons! HTML5 supports new <video> and <audio> element tags.


Just <!DOCTYPE html> No more cutting and pasting long unreadable line of code and no more head tags filled with doctype attributes. 


Cleaner Code HTML5 allows to write clear and descriptive code, semantic code that allows to easily separate meaning from style and content.


Smarter Storage New and smart local storage feature which offers great security & performance and data will survive even after closing the browser.


Better Interactions <canvas>, the drawing HTML5 tag allows interactive and animated possibilities in website than the previous rich internet application platforms like Flash.


Game Development HTML5 provides a great, mobile friendly way to develop fun, interactive games. 


Legacy/Cross Browser Support Cross-compatible with all the modern and popular browsers such as chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer9, Opera, and Safari.


Mobile Responsive HTML5 is a mobile- friendly tool for creating and developing mobile-responsive websites and apps


It’s the Future, Get With It!


Where HTML5 is used? 2 Game Development eLearning New Media Platforms Responsive Web Design Online advertising Mobile apps development Animation Interactive eBooks


Graphic Design HTML5 in E-learning Courses Wide audience reachability Easier accessibility for e-learners Simplified customization Multiple browser support without extra plugins Non constraint of multimedia integration


Vector graphics scalability Vibrant hover effects Call to action transitions Animated Menus Nifty pop-ups HTML5 Interactions For eLearning


HTML5 V/s Flash 32% Other Business Graphic Design Features HTML5 Flash Requires a “player” to be installed No Yes Runs on mobile devices Yes Selective Running speed on different platforms High Slow Supported by iOS Yes No Is a mature technology No Yes Different experience based on the browser Yes No Offline storage Depends Using Local Shared Objects to store AMF-formatted data


Benefits of HTML5 Rich Internet Application(RIA) helps in making search engine robots to crawl the complete content Reduced RIA costing Easy deployment of this technology in apps Multiple web browser supports this format Advanced animation as well as media traits can be incorporated


Upsides of hiring our services Wide ranging experience across various domains Skilled professionals with use of advanced technologies Exceptionally appealing layouts and designs Cost effective pricing Data security Quick turnaround time Timely response and good communication skills Round the clock support


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