Durable and seamless stainless steel sheets in addition to improve hom


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Mapple Stainless Processing Pvt. Ltd. is a new venture where we process designer press plates & stainless steel sheets and manufacture elevator cabins in the latest "State of the Art & Technology" facility on the outskirts of New Delhi. Mapple is among the first manufacturers in India providing polished and designer stainless steel sheets and press plates of paramount quality.The company has been offering their quality products and services for more than a decade with thousands of satisfied customers


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Use of seamless stainless steel sheets in addition to improve home appearance Stainless steel is a metallic combination of 10 chromium and other metals like aluminum iron or copper that vastly used in different industries like automotive construction chemical fuel tankers and food processing equipment with a broader choice of selection with more than 100 different grades. Stainless steel sheets are the most used component of stainless steel that has changed the face of industries and metallurgy with the variations of design and textures for the unique appearance of the area it applied on. When it comes to home improvement stainless steel sheets are certainly a revolutionary metal that used in order to give a seamless surface or for a complete makeover of a structure.

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Uses of Stainless Steel Sheets  Cladding – A stainless steel sheet makeover for the wall pillar escalators etc to hide the actual structure with smooth and eye catchy texture which is easy to clean and strength the object as well.  Elevator doors cabin –Stainless steel sheets offer the luxury to design the elevator door and cabin with the unique wall panel shape and layout.  Kitchen countertop fireplace- The metal fits the best for kitchen counter top as it is resistant to water heat stain with a non-porous surface. Stainless steel is the100 recyclable metal with long term life makes it an ideal material to apply on different areas of home or commercial places. For an extensive quality of stainless steel sheets or press plates to improve the home interior ‘Mapple Stainless Processing’ is considered as the best among the metal manufacturer in India.

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