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The Mapping Network is a nationwide group of professionals providing the highest quality and most affordable bathymetric, sediment and asset mapping products on the market today. The Mapping Network has partners located throughout the county working directly with recreational property owners, lake associations, engineers, golf courses, marinas, developers, governmental organizations, and fishing clubs. A local expert aquatic service provider understands the dynamics of a lake to determine the best transect paths to precisely model the lake's bathymetry. With 12 years of experience in the bathymetry mapping profession, our highly trained staff understand and employ the latest technology trends to generate a bathymetric map that is amazingly accurate and also aesthetically enjoyable.


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Professional Lake Mapping Steve Bartosh The Mapping Network :

Professional Lake Mapping Steve Bartosh The Mapping Network

Lake Mapping Program:

The Mapping Network (TMN) is an industry leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Consulting, Data Conversion, and GPS Data Collection. TMN specializes in terrain and sub-surface (bathymetry) GPS mapping Our experienced staff have been using GIS and GPS technology for land and water services since 1995 TMN has developed proprietary technologies for data collection, analysis and map generation A select group of professional lake management companies throughout the nation have been chosen to provide lake mapping services Lake Mapping Program

Lake Mapping:

Lake Mapping Bathymetry or Bathymetric Mapping – the study of underwater depth, of the third dimension of lake or ocean floors. A bathymetric map or chart usually shows floor relief or terrain as contour lines, and may additionally provide surface navigational information. Location = x and y Depth = z

Lake Mapping Process:

Lake Mapping Process Integrates GPS (Global Positioning System) with sub-foot (30 cm) accuracy and Sonar equipment. Provides a location ( x,y ) and a depth (z) every two seconds. Import 3D data points ( x,y,z ) into customized software program where highly skilled analysts produce a 3D model. Once a 3D model is built several calculations and information products can be produced, including water volume , average depth , sediment volume and even how many gallons of water it would take to raise the water body by a inch . The Mapping Network produces industry leading bathymetric maps with unsurpassed accuracy.

Benefits for Land Owners:

Benefits for Land Owners Tool for Lake Management Boating and Fishing Dredging Wall Mount for Home or Cabin Communication Tool for Friends and Contractors Baseline inventory of resource to monitor changes Placing of Structure Fish Species Selection 3D model and swim-through

Benefits for Managers:

Benefits for Managers Sedimentation Monitoring Water Volume Calculations Water Treatment and Irrigation Watershed Management Fisheries Management Construction and Excavation (Dredging) Renovation and Cost Estimations Aquatic Weed Control Fertility Management Habitat Development

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Contour Map Contour Map of a 120 Acre Lake with a maximum Depth of 106 feet. Contour Map of a 20 Acre Lake

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3-D Shaded Depth Map 3D Shaded Depth Map of a 235 Acre Lake. Notice the level of detail with the channel.

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Structure Map Color shaded depth map shows the specially designed features (ridges, channels, spawning tables, etc) of this lake that support a trophy bass population. All structure points are located on the map.

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Sedimentation Sediment Depth points and color-shaded sediment thickness Contour Lines and Sediment Depth points

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Sub Bottom Profiling Surveys

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Excavation Plan Map displaying sediment depths with color-shading to visualize the areas of high sedimentation. Easily identify high priority areas for strategic removal. The current lake bathymetry The post dredge lake bottom Cut-fill model shows areas of cut needed to reach the goal depth

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Pre-Dredge and Post-Dredge

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Volume and Capacity Curves

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Virtual Swim-through Video

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