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The Manzanita School is an independent middle school located in Topanga Canyon, CA. Founded to provide a unique educational experience guided by mentorship and a deep nature connection that helps to unlock the intrinsic gifts within adolescents.


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Malibu Private School In the need to build and nurture the retentive competency of every child parents are always looking out for a quality school to set a better education legacy for their child. Malibu private school is the right institution to register your child where he or she can be groomed in an academic scholar. It is a school with the necessary academic facilities to fosterthe educational strength and growth of each student.

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The school has a well scheduled curriculum specially created to plan the daily academic activities of the school covering its core programs and other project-based classes. They are trusted by parents to provide their child with the most premier education they could ever get. The school employs skilled teachers with many years of intensive experience to help your child excel perfectly in his or her studies. It is a standard and reputable school when it comes to providing high quality education and perfect learning environment. The school comprehends with the parents in Malibu of their interests to offer their children premium education privilege – and they have been striving hard to

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ensure the dreams of many parents come true. They are a partner in enhancing top class education system in the city and fostering the intellectual intensity of every child. It is multicultural independent school which admits children of any color background social class ethnic group or gender owned by scholars with extreme passion for child education.The school institute different types of academic programs boosting the moral and personal growth of students. In the school they train students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers to deal with any academic issues. There is a team of dedicated staff members with absolute commitment towards nurturing the students to be the leaders of tomorrow. Malibu private school has all it takes to discover the best learning path of each students and the ability to monitor them closely and see about their educational weaknesses. Best of all the school also helps children to achieve excellent academic experience in life and education.

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