Know about Re-Keying Door Locks like the Cam Locks and Padlocks


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Know about Re-Keying Door Locks like the Cam Locks and Padlocks:

Know about Re-Keying Door Locks like the Cam Locks and Padlocks


So, do you know exactly what Re-Keying is and how essential is it for you? The process where the keys and lock code is changed is Re-Keying. First, to match the new code, the combination pins in the lock are changed after the new code is generated. Second, to enable the operation of the lock and match the new code, new keys are cut. Third, to the end-user, the new code is registered of the Abus Padlocks .


All locks are not re-keyable. To be cost-effective, some are just too inexpensive while others are not meant for the re-key process. About 30% of the price of a new high-security lock will be the cost of re-keying and most High-Security locks are capable of the process. How this process works will be determined by the type of lock. You would send those to a Lock Service Center if you have padlocks or cam locks. Their new keys would be cut and the locks would be re-keyed to your specifications.


You could do an exchange program after ordering a few new locks if you can't send the multiple locks in. Here, to the new locks that you started the process with, the locks you send in would be re-keyed. Again on the type of lock cylinder, it depends when the re-keying door locks. To undergo the same process as outlined above for cam locks and padlocks from Lucky Line Products it can be sent into a Lock Service Center after being removed from the door lock if it is an SFIC (small format interchangeable core) cylinder.


You must call out a locksmith if the cylinder is permanent. Being at your home or facility, he will be able to cut the new keys and re-key the lock from Capitol Industries . Over the cost of new replacement locks, Re-Keying is a way to save money as mentioned earlier. To gain back key control, it is also a perfect way. Key control is knowing about where they are at all times and how many cut keys you have.


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