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E.B 2,3 De Perafita : 

E.B 2,3 De Perafita English worksheet for the School Newspaper C.E.F T2 Emanuel Martins De Sousa

History of English Football (8th- 18th century) : 

The game of football appeared in England from around the 8th Century. The game was incredibly popular with the working classes. Games were normally violent and disorganised with any number of players- it was normal for 1000 people to play in a single game. By the 11th Century, games were often played between rival villages and the field could be an incredibly large area. The field could be fields, a village and anything else that got in the way! However, in the second half of the 12th Century football had established itself in London. By 1175 there was an annual competition which was very popular. Records also say that women were involved in the game during the 12th Century. History of English Football (8th- 18th century)

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