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Tourism -Travel Agencies : 

Tourism -Travel Agencies

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Which academic degree do you need to work here? To work in Travel Agencies we need the compulsory school education and a Tourism Professional Course.

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2. Which services are offered by your agency? The services we offer are: Air tickets ; Hotel reservations; Touristic Packages; Cruises; Transports.

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3. Which is the average salary here? Average salary of €700. 4. Which are the most important touristic operators? The most importante touristic operators are: Terra Brazil; Sol Tour; Mond Vip; Ibero Jet; SolPlan; Club 1840; Sol Trópico.

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5. Which clients do you have? Our clients travel on holidays and on business. 6. Which are the most wanted destinies? The favourite destinations are: The Spanish Islands; Caribbean Islands; Brazil; Tunisia; Algarve; South Of Spain; Paris; London.

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7. Which is your favourite high season? Our high seasons are: March,May, June, July and festivities. 8. Which is the most wanted country? Portugal, Spain, Italy, England, Turkey, Austria, Greece? The most favourite holidays destinations are: Spain, Italy, Portugal, England, Austria and Greece. (Spainis the most and Greece is the least.)

Tourism - Hotels : 

Tourism - Hotels

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1. How long is the touristic season in Matosinhos? The touristic season in Matosinhos is from July to September. 2. When are the low and high seasons? The high seasons is from July to December. The low seasons if from January to June. The most touristic time in Matosinhos is in the month of the celebrations of the Holy Lord of Matosinhos (in May).

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3.What type of turists come to Matosinhos? How long do they stay? The type of tourists re: young people, families and architecture lovers. 4. Why do they come? People visit Matosinhos, because of the beach, business, monuments and nautic tourism.

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5. Which types of accommodation have you got? The types of accommodation are hotels, motels, residences and small guest houses. 6. Which are the most wanted touristic places? The most famous touristic places in Matosinhos are: the beach, the church, the “Casa de Chá da Boa Nova”, the “Quinta da Conceição”, the “Quinta de Santiago”, the Marina and the seaside.

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7. How many rooms does the hotel have? Hotel Amadeus – 50 rooms; Hotel Tryp – 120 rooms. 8. How many stars does the hotel have? Hotel Amadeus – 3 Stars Hotel Tryp – 3 Stars

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9. How many staff do you have? Hotel Amadeus – 7 Staff Hotel Tryp - 48 Staff

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