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The list of best Magento 2 Product Attachments is mentioned in the above document. The customers can have a look at the list and then make a decision. For more details visit here: https://www.mageants.com/extension-review/product-attachments/


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7+ Best Magento 2 Product Attachments Extensions The ​Magento 2 Product Attachments Extension does not have any limitations on the quantity of documents attached to the item. The module is fitted with a unique attachment block for product websites where you can upload multiple documents such as user guides certificates permits and many more. The shop proprietor can upload from the admin side of the attachments tab a specific file from the add product page. List Of Best Magento 2 Product Attachments Extensions Product Attachments by ​Amasty Let the buyers find out a little more about the things they buy. Provide them straight on product websites with precise manuals permits warranties and other extra details. Upload any format documents and use catchy symbols with Magento 2 Product Attachments by Amasty to grab the customer attention. ​ supportmageants.com

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Key Features 1. Tracking and managing attachments through the API 2. Display icons of catchy attachment 3. Adjust the position of the attachments via widgets 4. Add an infinite amount of different kinds of files Product Attachments by ​Landofcoder The extension of Magento 2 Product Attachment by Landofcoder enables admin to upload countless file formats to enrich the most informative product pages. ​ supportmageants.com

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Key Features 1. Customize the icons those match the sort of attachments 2. Attachments can be added easily 3. Directly upload the file attachments 4. Edit visibility of file attachments without effort Product Attachments by ​Bsscommerce With Magento 2 Product Attachments extension add files to order and Save 50 percent. You will still obtain an incredibly helpful extension with exceptional characteristics s at a competitive price . ​ supportmageants.com

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Key Features 1. Files can be assigned to some specific customer groups 2. Restrict the amount of to be downloaded 3. Upload various downloadable files 4. Files are displayed in various positions Product Attachments by ​Mageplaza Magento 2 Product Attachment extensions enhances the product page by encouraging admins to add single or multiple informative documents in any format to every product. Admin can drag and drop the attachments to quickly upload. ​ supportmageants.com

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Key Features 1. One or more annexes can be attached 2. Drag and drop option for uploading the attachments 3. The report can be attached 4. CSV files can be attached in bulk format Product Attachments by ​Solwininfotech This Magento 2 Product Attachment extension by Solwininfotech makes the product files accessible to download on the product details page. It allows the owner of the store to upload several types of files. ​ supportmageants.com

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Key Features 1. Enabled and Disabled from backend 2. Also supports multi-store environments 3. Multiple files can be supported 4. No limits to number of attached files to the product Product Attachments by ​Mageworx With Magento 2 Product Attachment extension one can strengthen the customer experience with the product pages those are highly informative. ​ supportmageants.com

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Key Features 1. The download limit is restricted to the group of customers 2. Get access to file downloads ‘ fundamental statistics. 3. To order emails add files and limit download only after buy. This all extensions are ranked based on the following criteria: 1. The ratings and reviews received by each extension on Magento Connect Magento Marketplace and vendor’s website. 2. The price features and the ease of its use. 3. The vendor’s reputation efficiency experience and Search Engine Ranking. 4. As per the social media metrics such as Facebook Twitter Google . 5. Proper analysis of each by the MageAnts team and expert review. Also You Can Visit Here ​: ​7+ Best Magento 2 Product Attachments Extensions ​ supportmageants.com

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