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9/26/2011 ® Tony Gauvin, UMFK, 2005 1 Submitted by : Mansi Chugh Ajay Singh Kapil Chadha Sagar Garg


HARLEY DAVIDSON 9/26/2011 2 Harley is the only leading American manufacture of heavy weight motorcycles. The company’s owner’s group was 750,000 members strong. Harley Davidson believes the key to success is to balance stakeholder’s interest through the empowerment of all employees to focus on value added activities. 50% of all motorcycles sold in this segment in the United States




9/26/2011 4 Salience Harley Davidson is not a name but a legend. The roar of an engine sounding like a thunder clap and the polish of chrome doing its best to imitate lighting. Creating the consumer experience & designing efficient strategies to make them brand loyal. The Harley Davidson logo commonly referred as “Bar & Shield Logo”.

Performance & Imagery:

9/26/2011 5 Performance & Imagery Giving high quality rentals prior to purchase for the people to experience it. Organising rallies and events for the people to attend so as to make them feel a part of the elite community. Providing services like Harley Davidson financial services thereby making the purchase process easy. True bikes for the open road, bikes to drive through brick walls Powerful, macho bikes not for the weaklings and children. “built on tradition” “outlaw’’ & “road warriors’’ “Rebellious image”


9/26/2011 6 P.O.D. At the same time Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha were the new leading competitors to HD. With their new trend and even at lost cost of their bikes, Harley didn’t change or drop their price. P.O.D : In this case HD was using the old successful technology and the Premium class which they were providing to the public.

Judgments & Feelings:

9/26/2011 7 DESIGN The Harley Davidsons unique designer bikes which have tough looks directly relate to the personalities of the Harley owners , It gives them a feeling of power confidence, status, prestige and individualism Harley Davidson has also introduced HD-1 concept which enables customers to design their own bikes according to their personalities and help them relate closely to their bikes , It also helps owner explore their creative side . TECHNOLOGY & FEATURES Harley Davidson produce high speed tough and powerful bikes which are famous for their excellent engine and roaring sound which gives a feeling of power and pride . It develops a different attitude altogether within the Harley owners Judgments & Feelings

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9/26/2011 ® Tony Gauvin, UMFK, 2005 8 PERSONAL FREEDOM - Harley Davidson is famous for its bikers group the HOG , which is one of the worlds most famous bikers group , owners from all around the world are a part of the HOG group giving them a sense of freedom , uniqueness which develops a carefree tough attitude amongst its members -Harley davidson has also focused on the feelings of their potential customers and people who cannot afford a Harley by introducing Harley davidson clothing line as they feel its important to associate the brand with each and every person -Harley davidson also is famous for its rock concerts and other events which are held all around the world . It is like a big festival giving people a sense of pride in getting related to the brand in some or the other way ! I WOULD RATHER DRAG A HARLEY THEN RIDE A HONDA !

Resonance :

9/26/2011 9 Resonance Behavioral Loyalty 46% of Harleys were purchased by customers who had previously owned a Harley. 90% of Harley owners remained loyal to the brand for over a decade. Attitudinal Attachment Company came up with the H.O.G in 1983 and providing its members a host of benefits and heightened status amongst the other Harley owners in order to make the group more attractive. Active Engagement Providing memberships, organising rallies, providing merit based rewards in the form of pins and patches which displayed a sign of high commitment to the Harley lifestyle. Sense of Community The posse rides & rallies lasted more than a week & offered owners an opportunity to increase their commitment to the brand through a stronger sense of community.

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9/26/2011 10 THANK YOU!

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