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Suits For Men: Looking Fashionable Millions of men the world over are becoming increasingly aware of fashion and how to be fashionable. For decades the male suit has been the most iconic and fashionable attire. It represents the embodiment of manhood and gives one the characteristic gentleman look which is very loved around the world. Suits come in different designs from different designers around the world but their biggest identifying mark is the color. This has become an icon of identification and has been used for as long as suits have been around. Men are however missing the key pointers on how to dress in suits without giving the suit a clash and/or ruining the entire look. Navy suits Navy suits are recognized all around the world. The Navy Blue color the mark of identification being representative of the decades long tradition that dates back to royal dress. The biggest mistake anyone could make when wearing a suit regardless of its color is to dress in one that does not ft you. A suit should be tailored to your size which is why it is important to know your measurements as you buy one. You can buy the Navy suit as a whole in three-piece if you would like. Another important aspect then comes into play the shirt. The shirt should always compliment the suit. White is a go to color for just about any color suit and works marvelously

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with navy suits. The same applies for grey and if you have to wear blue make sure it is of a lighter shade than your suit. Mens Blazers Mens blazers could either build your look or destroy it. Never wear an oversize blazer. That is a complete no-no. If you wear one that is not to wrist length but cut to your size and this is important then make sure that you wear a shirt with slightly longer sleeves. The blazer does not have to match your pair of trousers it does not even have to be paired with suit trousers. You can dress it up fashionably with jeans or some other trousers. The color however should be a great consideration as should be whether you wear a shirt or T-shirt with it. Slim ties The question on slim ties has been around for a while. Slim ties are a great fit for the tall and slender man. Tall men can pull of the slim tie look regardless of whether they are slender or not. Again the color is a huge consideration so pay attention.

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