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I had presented this on World dental conference, Mumbai. thanks to Dr.Praveen sir and my friend hishant jain for there help and smart ideas. email -


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sir my email id is pls send me yours i will mail u dis ppt.thnks search same on you tube.

By: mansa12009 (91 month(s) ago)

sir my email id is pls send me yours i will mail u dis ppt. i dont know much abt download at dis site.thnks

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m a post graduate student in conservative denistry & endodontics.... want to download this ppt... please help me...

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-Dentist’s Best Adhesive : 

-Dentist’s Best Adhesive Least retention & Bond strength (2.8MPa) Dentin Bonding Agents (DBA) 1st generation( cavity primers- less bond strength) Hydrophobic surface acting comonomer 2nd generation(establishment of interfacial ionic bond) Short term adhesion (Hydrolysis of bond) Hydrophobic,less bond strenth(2-7MPa) 3rd generation (removal of smear layer) Three step Procedure-(conditioning-primer-adhesive) Less retention,bond strength(15 Mpa) 4th generation( formation of hybrid layer) Reduced technique sensitivity High bond strength (ALL BOND ii- 21MPa) Three bottles –(etch-primer-adhesive) These are tissue compatible adhesives that adhere to dentin Application CERVIDENT GLUMA

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Cont…. 5th generation two bottle {conditioning- (primer + adhesive)} Reduces post operative sensitivity Dentin decalcification can occur 6th generation (self etching primer & adhesive) Two bottles- primer& adhesive Self etchant Increased bond strength 7th generation (No mix, self etching adhesive) Solitary solution (all in one) Simple to use- no waiting to dry Stable- excellent marginal adaptation Shear strength- highly retentive hybrid layer Safe- low post operative sensitivity 7th generation DBA’s are the ones we use today THANK YOU Presented by: Manish S. Tiwari(3rd BDS) Y.C.M.M & R.D.F Dental College Guided by: Dr Pravin Badwaik (M.D.S)

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