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Puerto Rico Presentation:

Puerto Rico Presentation By: Madeline and Jenna


FOODDDD<3 Grows a lot of sweet fruits papaya, cacao, nispero, apio, plantains, and yampee Locals call food “cocina criolla” A lot of meat Crab, lobster, pork, chicken, and eggs Americans and Puerto Ricans eat chicken and rice soup Soup is a main staple in Puerto Rican’s diet Coffee and juices are main drinks

Economy..no. :

Economy..no. Budget cut from the U.S. Dependent on tax incentives from U.S Second highest GDP than U.S U.S. currency U.S gives them a lot of money Exports from U.S to Puerto Rico


Language Spanish is spoken English is taught as a foreign language Puerto Rico means Rich Port


Music Influenced by Spanish African Taino Indians France U.S. They like reggae and calypso. Using the drums and dancing is very popular.

Current Standard:

Current Standard 94% literally rate, Life Expectancy: 75 (male) 83 (female) Unemployment is high (16.9%) but decreasing. Only 37.5% of Puerto Rico is covered with healthcare

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