How to do Manicure & Pedicure using different tools at home


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Doing Manicure and Pedicure at home become very easy now with the tools available in market. You just need to know the right process to use it and if you know that you can save lots of money that you spend at parlour by doing it yourself at home only.


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All of us desire beautiful hands and feet, well if not beautiful at least clean, and it is in fact essential to take care of the most ‘hardworking’ parts of our body. They best way to see results is to initiate a healthy manicure. Manicure is a beauty treatment specially designated for hands and fingernails. Why spending money on saloons when we can do it ourselves? Steps for Manicure is discussed here.


Eliminate spills and smudges by positioning your arms and tools on a flat, protected surface. Clip nails first, if necessary. Then file (in one direction) to get your tips square, round or somewhere in between with nail clipper & nail filer respectively.


Make sure your hands are not too dry, if they are then moisturize them using a good lotion or oil or cream. • Then apply raw milk over your hands and add drops of lemon juice over them. This removes the tanning and any discolorations. Keep till the pack gets dry. Later dab it clean. Get a bowl of warm water and a few drops of shampoo and few drops of any essential oils (optional). Soak your hands for five minutes after massaging it with cream to soften the cuticles and push them back with cuticle pusher.


Exfoliate hands, wrists and forearms with a hand scrub that eliminates dead skin cells and replenishes moisture. Once you towel your hand, rub in some cuticle cream on the base of each fingernail and leave it on for a few minutes. In the meantime, use a good cuticle remover over your nails and message gently for a minute.


Once hands are dry, message some lotion or cream. Remove excess moisture from the surface of the nail using a q-tip. Take the opportunity to give yourself a mini hand massage—just because you’re not at the spa doesn’t mean you can’t relax!


Apply a base coat. Apply two thin coats of colour. Apply top coat. The topcoat protects your manicure from chipping and adds shine to nails. Clean up if there are any colour smudges.


Well groomed feet contribute greatly to our overall beauty and personality and are the best indicator to how well we look after ourselves. They carry our body weight all through the day and they do deserve to be indulged time and again. Alas! Foot care always takes a back seat when it comes to grooming and beauty treatments. Do you have a tired feet? Pedicure can relieve it and at the same time makes them healthy and beautiful. Follow these steps:


Remove your old nail polish with some cotton dipped in nail polish remover. Trim your nails. Make sure you cut straight across and don’t cut the corners too much as this can lead to painful ingrown nails. Use nail file to give them the desired shape. Some people may prefer to cut nails after soaking as they will be softer and easy to shape.


A good foot soak goes a long way in beating the stress after a long day. In a basin fill warm water enough to cover up to your ankles and add: Epsom salt ½ cup Juice of 1 lemon A few drops of a Foot Wash of your choice. You can substitute this with liquid hand wash or shampoo if you like. Essential oils of your choice. Sit in a comfortable position, soak your feet and relax for 15-20 minutes. Dry them with a towel.


Once you towel your feet, rub in some cuticle cream on the base of each toe nail and leave it on for a few minutes. In the meantime, use a good foot file or pumice stone to remove the dry and rough and dead skin cells. Be sure to scrub the heel and balls of the feet, sides of your heels and around your toes, basically anywhere there is rough, hard skin. soften the cuticles and push them back with cuticle pusher.


Once you are done scrubbing, wash your feet clean and moisturize them. This works wonders for dry feet. Softens, hydrates and protects from cracking. Moreover it is instantly absorbed, so u can wear socks immediately after.  Almond oil and olive oil (1tsp each) with 10-12 drops of your favorite essential oil also makes a good home made massage oil for feet. If you have cracks, use Vaseline mixed with lime juice, wrap with plastic for 15 minutes.


Paint your toe nails with a color of your choice. Always apply a base coat. Wait for it to dry and then apply a coat of nail polish. Let it dry completely before you apply the next coat. This will make your nail polish last longer. 

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