Career path to choose after Automobile Engineering

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List of career options for Automobile engineers to choose from.


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Career path to choose after Automobile Engineering


Automobile engineering is one the most popular stream of engineering students prefers to study. Career prospects are so bright for the students who are studying Automobile engineering in any of the top Chennai Engineering colleges. Compared to other engineering departments, Automobile engineer has a higher probability of getting placed in a top company within their core field of interest . But choosing the correct stream of career after completing the course is really important. Within the automotive industry, there are many sub streams like manufacturing, design, maintenance etc.,. A student can get placed in any of these fields.


So, when you are about to finish the degree in an Automobile engineering college, you must decide the stream in which you are going to make a career. This is one of the important decision you have to make in order to have a successful career. This could be a make or break decision . Each of these sub streams has a unique nature and your career will be drastically different from one another. Salary package and career growth will also differ.


Manufacturing This is by far most popular and preferred option. There are numerous Automobile manufacturing companies all around India. In Chennai alone, there is a vast number of manufacturing plants like Renault, Ford, Hyundai, etc.,. So, placement opportunities so high within the city . In automobile manufacturing sector, you will work in the processes like the production of automobile parts and assembling them.  Since , most of the processes are automated, you won’t have any hard manual laborious work.


Design In the design field, you won’t work in a plant environment rather in an office atmosphere. You will be working in the computer for designing automobiles and their spare parts. You may work directly in an automobile manufacturing company or in a small company which does outsourced projects . In order to get placed and thrive in the design industry, you may need to do additional design courses like CADD, ANSYS, CFD etc.,.  All the top  automobile engineering colleges in Chennai  teach these courses directly for their students. For design engineers job opportunities are are high foreign countries like Germany, UAE, Japan.


Repair and Maintenance With the increase in automobile usage, there is a rising demand in their maintenance department also. You may work in a service and repair center of a top brand or even in small companies. In maintenance industry, you may indulge in laborious work . Sales and Marketing Input of engineer is crucial in an automobile marketing team. So, an automobile engineer can work in sales and marketing team also. Having an MBA degree after finishing the engineering degree will be an added advantage for marketing field.

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