Indian Government Embraces the Government Community Cloud


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Government Community Cloud ensures seamless collaboration between government officials and public, serving government services to be accessible at one place. Here is how GCC is contributing to Digital India Mission.


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In this technology-driven era, we find cloud computing evolving rapidly and penetrating in our lives. With the potential to transform the way IT is consumed and managed, cloud technology is gaining momentum in different industrial sectors. The Indian cloud computing market, currently at $2.2 billion , is projected to grow to $4 billion by the year 2020 . $4 billion


The Indian Government plans to deploy cloud technology to support Digital India mission. The main objective was to increase agility, share information, eliminate redundancy and optimize communication technology at economical costs


The Government community cloud enables a seamless implementation of these applications ensuring the security of confidential data confining it to Indian geographical borders With the increasing internet user base and rising technological innovations government organizations are looking forward to shift from a traditional data center to a cloud based system Trying to bridge the gap between the government officials and citizens, a wide range of applications and portals are developed to make all the governing services readily accessible to the citizens Government Community C loud


How is Indian Government Leveraging Government Community Cloud


E-Gram Panchayat The majority of the Indian population lives in villages, and the Panchayats represent the face of governance for these villagers. To improve the quality of governance, the Indian government initiated an e-governance scheme known as ePanchayat to simplify and enhance internal government operations. The module was constructed in 4 phases of e-governance Cloud Consumer Cloud Broker Cloud Provider Cloud Auditor Cloud Carrier Cloud Model


In this phase, complete transactions can be done without the need to visit the office, increasing customer value Transaction The ultimate goal of this phase is to provide all the services at a single counter Transformation This phase aims to ease the interaction and reduce the communication gap between government officials and society Interaction Information Four Phases of e-Governance In this phase, the government can disseminate the relevant information to the people through electronic means like the internet


Indian Railways Governed by Central Railway Ministry of India, the Indian railway network is the largest rail network in Asia and second-largest rail network in the world. To avoid loss, the Indian government decided to implement cloud technology for Indian railways. Today, the central government maintains the railway data on the cloud A research carried by the railway ministry says out of 17 million passengers every day, only 1 million passengers carry confirmed rail tickets. 1 million


GPS Device- GPS device introduced in every train using Wi-Fi devices helps to find the exact position of the train, speed and duration of time left. The data is stored in the cloud and is accessible to us, enabling easy tracking of a train. The data coming from GPS is updated to cloud storage at regular intervals . How has GCC Enhanced Indian Railways The techniques like Tickets with unique QR (Quick Response) – Code and ticket checking with QR Scanner, Wi-Fi enabled GPS devices set up on each train are managed using cloud storage.  QR-Scanner- Implementing QR-Scanner on the entrance of each station will help to keep a count of passengers entering a particular train. Empty seat status is getting updated on the cloud; enabling TTE (Travelling Ticket Examiner) to allot vacant seats to passengers using first come first serve model .


Kisan Suvidha The Indian government came up with portal Kisan Suvidha to help farmers with the relevant information instantly. It delivers farmers with detailed knowledge on weather, market prices, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agriculture machinery, dealers, agro advisories, plant protection and IPM practices. It notifies them with extreme weather conditions and the changing market price. GCC serves Indian Farmers Crop related Information Weather Information Soil Information Expert Consultation


DigiLocker DigiLocker is the public cloud-based storage introduced by the Indian government for the citizens of India. It is much more than an online drive where you upload your documents to be accessed depending on your convenience. The documents are digitally verified and signed by the government of India in a few seconds with an authentic seal of DigiLocker verification.


How did cloud-based DigiLocker prove to be helpful to the citizens of India It has eliminated the need to maintain hardcopy of the government-issued documents. It has eliminated the need to produce the government-issued documents in the printed format while applying for services. Cloud storage has enabled secure and authentic access to government-issued documents. The paperless transactions have reduced the cost, time and administrative burden. The cloud-based storage enabled accessing the documents from anywhere and at any time in a standard format. The cloud architecture helps to digitize the old documents that are not machine-readable and structure future documents.


eHospital eHospital is the cloud-based healthcare projected implemented by the government of India to ease the process of healthcare management. The system was designed to speed up services like online registration, payment of fees and appointment, online diagnostic reports, checking on the availability of blood online, etc. This hospital model assigns a unique identification number to every patient at the time of registration. The medical history of a particular patient can be accessed using the number.


Cloud technology offers to store medical records in multiple virtual platforms like infrastructure as a service ( IaaS ), software as a service ( SaaS ) and platform as a service ( PaaS ). The cloud-based platform has reduced the IT cost of healthcare and eased the task to store a massive amount of healthcare data. eHospital leverages the technology enabling the doctors to access the medical records from anywhere and at any time. The full range of clinical, administrative and lab capabilities are linked by a single data repository, which prevents carbon emission by on-premise servers.   Integrated inventory management eases the tracking of hospital stocks right from medicines to equipment, minimizing the loss incurred due to misplacements Importance of cloud to eHospital


ESDS Government Community Cloud Most of the PSU and government clients host their applications on ESDS customized government community cloud primarily because of our double-patented vertical auto-scaling technology. ESDS is one of the first companies to have achieved the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology ( MeitY ) empanelment for delivering technological solutions to government customers in India. ESDS received the ‘Best Smart City Community Cloud Provider’ award for developing and hosting Smart City IT infrastructure providing solutions catering to smart city needs.


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