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Rajesh Jain CEO JG Group


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Rajesh Jain:

Rajesh Jain JG Group

Rajesh Jain:

Rajesh Jain Rajesh S. Jain was born on 19th January 1965 in a well known business family in Chennai, India which is presently known as J. G. Group. The Group has an excellent history and proven track record for more than 110 years. He is a commerce graduate and has developed business skills from very early age of his life. He has always been desirous to achieve his goal to establish his business globally and he has achieved his goals in a very short span of time.

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He, along with his two brothers Doulat Jain and Mahesh Jain, is one of the main promoters and major stakeholder in the J. G. Group and has various companies overseas as sole proprietor of the companies having a turnover more than USD 500 millions.

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The entire group’s international operation is handled and has been raised to new heights by Rajesh S Jain. He has carved out a totally new corporate image of the group and made it a name to reckon with among suppliers from all across the world. He travels extensively to all parts of the world to establish a reliable source for various diversified products. He is taking the group forward with his ability and capability of one minute management and deep knowledge of wider business environments and practices.

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