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JG Group of Companies in Dubai, Chennai led by CEO Rajesh Jain http://www.jggroup.in


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JG Group - Introduction:

JG Group - Introduction Welcome

JG Group: Serving for more than a Century :

JG Group: Serving for more than a Century JG Group is one of India's foremost multi-business enterprises with a market capitalization. J.G. Group established since 1909 is a rapidly growing business group in India with significant international operation . The family owned group is more than a century old serving in India, Dubai, Africa and Hong Kong. JG Group is engaged in global trading of various diversified products, Finance and Investments, Hospitality and hotel industry, Property and infrastructure developments.

JG Group :

JG Group JG’s aspiration to create enduring value for the nation and its stakeholders is manifest in its robust portfolio of traditional and Greenfield businesses encompassing Paper & Paper Products, Real Estate, Electronics, Garment Accessories, Furniture, Overseas establishment, Hotels & Telecom Services. JG Group’s ability to leverage internal synergies residing across its diverse businesses lends a unique source of competitive advantage to its products and services. JG Group doesn't only believes in maintaining business but building relations!

JG Group :- What we are specialized in? :

JG Group :- What we are specialized in? Paper & Paper Products: As a national industry body, JG Group represents the resurgent and organized face of Paper & Paper Products in India. Large integrated paper Products for all sectors with a product mix of all varieties of paper (Plain paper for printing, Art paper, Art board, Duplex Board, Folding Box Board, Carbonized papers, etc.) serving across the globe comprise the involvement of JG Group in a broad spectrum.

JG Group :- What we are specialized in? :

JG Group :- What we are specialized in? Electricals & Electronics: JG Group is doing best to offer innovative, resourceful, energy efficient to create a better world for ourselves. JG Group will be your one-stop shop for all your eco gadgets and energy saving devices but most of all, we hope we help you to get inspired to be as good to our earth as you can be. JG Group trades various electrical products and components having a manufacturing and trading base in Southern & Northern India. Our Product keeps up the quality as it goes by its brand name " CLAIR ".

JG Group :- What we are specialized in?:

JG Group :- What we are specialized in? Garment Accessories: JG Group has for long maintained its position as one of the largest importers of Taffeta and Satin ribbons, Zip Fasteners and other Accessories with a huge market share. At the same time it has left no stone unturned in keeping up with global trends and technology. JG Group is one of the most recognized fashion accessories developer.

JG Group :- What we are specialized in?:

JG Group :- What we are specialized in? Furniture Industry : JG Group stand by their theme of crafting relationships. Due to the excellent workmanship showcased, our patrons today have been with us since generations. This helps us improve and stick to the trust for quality in specialized wooden furniture, engaged in importation & sales of all type of furniture products and wooden flooring and also Rexine cloth for furniture industry. Over a century, not only our clients, but also our retained and loyal employees mark the true theme of weaving emotional, loyal and strong ties to the brand.

JG Group :- What we are specialized in?:

JG Group :- What we are specialized in? Overseas Establishment : JG Group believe that working internationally is a rewarding and overwhelmingly positive experience. We believe that essential and valuable component to a mature substantial market. We believe that industries who need specialist skills for time-critical projects should be able to use expertise from overseas.

JG Group :- What we are specialized in?:

JG Group :- What we are specialized in? Real Estate: The impact on life is all-encompassing, be it the comfort of a home, efficiency in the office, recreation, shopping or space to learn and grow. At JG Group it is a constant quest and an abiding commitment to ensure that the relationship between these spaces and the lives ensconced in or around, feel truly enriched - enhanced by understanding what a discerning lifestyle demands. Enhancing lives is almost a cultural constant, a lens through which we envision our every project and each minute detail in it - we are committed to ensure that the experience is rewarding.

JG Group:

JG Group Over the past we have built growth and high-stature through consistent high-design and quality parameters that have truly made a significant difference to ease, comfort and efficiency to lives that interact with or inhabit these spaces. Innovation in our offerings combined with an emphasis on contemporary architecture, strong project execution and quality construction have helped us transform into a brand to reckon with.

JG Group:

JG Group By partnering with the best in the world and India, we continuously keep ourselves abreast with changing global and national trends. In order to achieve the scalability required to undertake large developments, we outsource work to leading international and domestic consultants in the areas of architecture, design, engineering and construction.

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