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If you’re looking for a car polisher machine to speed up waxing your car or removing scratches from your paint then I recommend you look the Manmachine works zantool dual action polisher.


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Difference between dual action polisher and buffer: For any customer who is new to car detailing world these technical words like polishers and buffers might be a bit confusing. This highlights from the reality that buffing and polishing both processes are for improving the surface of the car. So it is very important to know the difference between a car polisher and buffer. Read on. What works Dual Action Polisher perform Polishing is a process that involves the usage of the products which contains certain abrasives to remove imperfections. The abrasive method restores car paint and highlight luster. Whereas buffering modifies and enhances car paint or car coating. Using a buffer needs the usage of waxing compound for smoothening the targeted surfaces. In essence both of the steps need altering and cleaning the very slim layer of the metallic or painted surface. The purpose of both is to remove superficial damage imperfection and small scratches. With both the methods capable for gaining similar results the differences between car polishers and buffer seems as clear and thin paint layer. For buffing and polishing there is two similar equipment preferred by professional detailers. One of the professional machines is dual action polisher and the other one is a rotary buffer. The Zentool Dual Action Polisher: This machine is best suited for removing out or buffing light scratches over the clear coat. It is known as dual action due to pads spin and brushes in two different methods. The orbiting or rotating pads

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generate what many of the people refer to wobbling or jiggling motion. The uneven pad movement prevents pads from a long stay at a single position and points over extended time because of which the heat and friction are reduced. If the motion is not controlled it will lead to the removal of car paint or burning of car paint below the clear car coating. The heat of wobbling motion is more than enough to correct the light paint scratches blemishes or any imperfections. Select a Dual Action Polisher for: • Removing light paint scratches or any swirls • Maintaining a clear coat. • Buffing soft metals that can be scratched easily. • Enhancing the texture of car paint. The same safety measures are needed to reduce the damage possibly caused by the dual action car polisher. Using car polisher for car cleaning and car maintaining purpose is much safe as it doesn’t generate enough heat to affect the car paint. Buffer’s Rotary Polisher: This is the most important detailing tool in the car detailing industry. It is best suited for removing deep scratches oxidations and swirl marks. This is only possible because of the high heat generated by the spinning pads. The buffer must be placed in constant circular motion and this is the reason why it is termed as a circular buffer. Using this can be effective only when it is moved in overlapping movement and that too in direction of left to right and then shifting to up and down motion. This motion direction prevents the spinning pads from staying at a point that maintains the required friction. Always remember that any wrong or inexperienced hands can lead to damage. This blog will help you in removing any doubts related to differences existing between car polishing and car buffing equipment. To get an effective and noticeable change after using the car polisher always prefer a professional hand having good years of experience in same. A bit of carelessness can lead to damage to a car. Click Here to Read More about: - Car Wash Equipment

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