A brief history of car wash evolution

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A brief history of car wash evolution For as long as people have started owing cares as their status symbol they have a desire of keeping them clean and shiny forever. Early days of Car Washes: Of course the main car wash was the one done by hands whether they have hired someone for doing that or do it themselves. This manual car wash could not accomplish the exact level of cleaning as the latest car wash equipment but for sure it was the beginning. Simple automation turned up in form of attendants at car wash companies pushing down vehicle as one person is there for soaping one for rinsing and another one for drying. Wax sealant car PPF were words referred to as magic. True automation Introduction: With the updated convenience of automatic car washes it might be quite difficult to remember that this car washing industry was not so advanced. Though the commercial car wash company and methods came before in 1946 it was the US where the first semi-automatic car wash was started. Since then these car washer companies have grown in sophistication equipment demand and size. For the first time the semi-automatic car wash was done in Detroit Michigan with the use of manual brushing and automatic pulley system. Prior to this time the face of car cleaning is has changed and there is still lots of scopes to change update and modify. Even further in the 1950s the deep car cleaning process was automated using an invention like hands-free automatic car wash equipment. In the early 1960s the updated idea circulated in America along with more add-on features like many tire washing methods recirculating methods wraparound brushes etc. by the end of 1970s quality features such as automatic wheel cleaner turned up on board.

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The updated car culture: The process slowed down because of the recession that hit the global market in the 1970s but the era of updated car culture was established in 1980s. people became more conscious about their car and started going for auto detailing interior car cleaning and other basic yet important vehicle treatment. The car wash business was booming because of the booming phase in car ownership with more fantasies. With more interest and increasing car ownership benefiting the car wash technology. In the 1990s the polycarbonate car wash door was then introduced which is a lighter and durable alternative for heavy insulated doors which could absorb water over a time period. As the time flowed ahead car wash company came up with a new idea of a one-stop place that provide service for car detailing and add-on treatments to occur at the same place and together comprising complete scheme under on tag of car washing. Since then all the customers were able to customize truly their experience as per their wants and demands. This was something that holds till today. More percentage of the population globally have realized that one-stop solution helps them in saving time effort and money which is the best factor to hold on to. Modern Car wash: Located all across the globe these days car washes are ubiquitous. One must know that automation is a norm and all consumers have better choices than ever. At car washer the customer can go for automatic car wash using an automatic car washer machine which cleans the car in just 20 mins which helps in saving enough time and even water. In India customers get wide variations of packages to choose from like basic or full-service packages cleaning using car wash chemical and many others. At every pocket size at every place and at any preferred time slot there is car wash service which meets the demand of the car wash services.

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