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Handling all these kinds of stuff along with house cleaning tasks makes you feel like there is never enough of time to relax or even to complete all the chores that make it really tough to get the thing properly maintained, cleaned and synchronized.


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House Cleaning Tips to Keep Home Clean all the Time Even After Busy Schedule: It can be a sure challenge for moms to keep and maintain the cleanliness of home with a hectic routine that includes personal and professional tasks. There’s exist kids work all other kinds of stuff enough of traveling handling bulk of files returning back and start again with meals laundry and so much Hope while reading the line you find it relatable as we all face the same hush and rush in our daily routine starting from opening eyes in the morning till we go to bed at night. Handling all these kinds of stuff along with house cleaning tasks makes you feel like there is never enough of time to relax or even to complete all the chores that make it really tough to get the thing properly maintained cleaned and synchronized. But Manmachine Solutions have found it possible to achieve a clean house even when you are running in a busy routine. Whether you ask for a house cleaning schedule for any mom no matter she is a working lady or a homemaker. Let me tell you a secret mantra for getting things sorted out and the mantra is to have an effective plan as per your needs and convenience. As with a busy working hour past gone are the days where one can simply get all the cleaning stuffs done at once and on the same day. If talking personal then I don’t have enough time to invest in house cleaning needs at once. This is the reason why I have got a task list which handles just one segment of the house in one day so as to be more prominent dedicated and effective. If you are sure about your needs this is the time where the house cleaning kinds of stuff come to your door. Of course I would prefer to have an ultimate clean home all done at one time but even I know handling things is not feasible if you are jam-packed in a hectic schedule. Things to notice before we head to house cleaning schedules: My personal blueprint assumes that I have at least half an hour of uninterrupted time to easily focus on the cleaning tasks. Now before you think if I am talking about half an hour all

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at once then let me clear this half an hour I am talking about is the cluttered time in a complete day. Either you can use it all but I prefer to break it for making the house cleaning fit within the daily schedule. But the reason for breaking it up for making the cleaning stuff fit inside the schedule in a complete day. NOTE: This house cleaning schedule is not for dealing up with the laundry or another regular daily routine. This is just a task to be properly completed for the day along with the daily routine that you are following. For most of the segments these house cleaning tasks take about 30 minutes but it can vary from person to person so few of the people can complete the task in even less time or some can even exceed the time limit. So starting the house cleaning list days wise.  What Segment of House Cleaning Needs to be Covered on MONDAY: “Bathroom and Upstairs day” This is the day you can note as bathroom and upstairs day that doesn’t include the bathing shower in master bath. Therefore it comprises of cleaning stuff including four sinks two toilets one tub two countertops mirrors approx. six basic walls two knobs and doors switches and two light plates. These are certain things that will consume exactly half an hour and you will attain ultimate shine and cleanliness.  TUESDAY Is for Which Segment of House Cleaning: “The kitchen day” This day the house cleaning Services measures comprise the heavy dirty place of your home. So steps of cleaning for shiny kitchen includes properly wiping off the complete backsplashes window ledges all countertops microwave refrigerator and bar areas extending from top to end at the bottom.

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NOTE: appliance deep cleaning is not included because that is considered in weekend house cleaning so that why to waste time on it in weekdays.  WEDNESDAY House Cleaning Schedule: “THE OFFICE DAY” Exactly you heard it right. This doesn’t mean you will handle your office work at home. A big no to this statement. Office day means you will spend your half an hour to sort out the messed-up desk and files or say clean up the room you dedicated to the office works. This day is particularly dedicated to sorting pay bills files paper management take care of all other bills. If you are clearing off this small stuff like bill payments while returning back from home when you are in the metro or buses will save you a good time at home. If you don’t believe try it once. You will feel the difference.  House Cleaning Things to be Handled on THURSDAY: “MASTER BATH SHOWER DAY” Deep cleaning of half bath that includes a sink toilets and floor. I even clean the downstairs bath as my home comprises of sink toilet countertops doors vanity light plates door knobs four walls and other. If you don’t have two washrooms at your home not an issue as you can have a better opportunity to get into. Substitute the work schedule in another task that would use up the remainder of house cleaning kinds of stuff. This is the only day I dedicate it for the master bath shower. Note: once every month I prefer to do a super deep house clean and clean on the shower that takes exactly 30 minutes to get it cleaned at least.  FRIDAY house cleaning includes: “FLOOR CLEANING DAY” Solid floors in the main living areas need to be thoroughly cleaned. Don’t include carpet in floor cleaning. For me the wooden floor in main living areas and the tiles floor in the bathroom makes an ideal home flooring. So you have to very particular about the floor polishing segment of the house in terms of products used and methods applied.

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 CHILL out with WEEKENDVIBES on SATURDAY: “GENERAL CLEANING DAY” Saturday is the day dedicated to general house cleaning. So if we all work hard and put effort on Saturday morning we will be free by lunch so don’t you think you have enough of time left to spend on yourself and enhance your productivity by doing something else. If you ask me then for me a free weekend is fun.  SUNDAY: WHAT TO DO as HOUSE CLEANING “Catch up day” For most people it is an overflow day. We try not to or say avoid handling enough of house cleaning department. If by Saturday you are done with all cleaning kinds of stuff you will be having enough of time left on Sunday to enjoy with near and dear ones. So apart from this if you need a deep house cleaning service you can ask for professional on our website Thanks for reading the blogs. Stay tuned for next.

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