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TO SEMINAR Presented By: Manjunatha.K.R. 1 st year, Hemagangotri P.G. Center Hassan

Seminar Topic::

Seminar Topic: “A study on Online Trading In Karvy Hassan"

Content ::

C ontent : Introduction & Meaning Of Online Trading Objectives Of Online Trading Advantages Of Online Trading Disadvantages Of Online Trading Basic Requirements Of Online Trading Case Study “A Study On Karvy Hassan” Conclusion Bibliography Acknowledgement

Introduction & Meaning To Online Trading::

Introduction & Meaning To Online Trading: Online trading is one of the recent origin in the 21 st century. The transactions i.e., buying & selling are made through using internets. The online trading started in India from the year 2000. Online trading in securities refers to the facility of investor being able to place his own orders using the internet trading platform offered by the trading member viz., the broker. The orders so placed by the investor using internet would be routed through the trading member.

Objectives Of Online Trading::

Objectives Of Online Trading: To study the advantages of online trading system over manual system. To study how online trading system helps in improving market transparency . To study how online trading system helps in smooth market operation while retaining the flexibility of conventional trading practices. To study the entire mechanism of trading online and dematerialization. To study the concept of dematerialization of shares that is procedure, Demat a/c, transfer of securities and trading and settlement of Demat securities.

Advantages Of Online Trading::

Advantages Of Online Trading: Paperless transactions – your share certificates get deposited in electronic form (DMAT) in your web trade account. Orders can be also placed offline during non-market hours. For NRIs this is the easiest option to invest in Indian market. Record of all transactions are available at your fingertips.

Disadvantages Of Online Trading::

Disadvantages Of Online Trading: It lacks transparency. The scope of manipulation, speculation and mal practice is more. Signal were more important in the outcry system any member who could not interpret the buy/sell signal correctly often landed himself in disaster situation. In audibility was another disadvantage of the outcry system.

Basic Requirements For Online Trading :

Basic Requirements For Online Trading

Basic Requirements Are::

Basic Requirements Are: Savings Bank A/C Or Current Bank A/C Pan Card DEMAT A/C Broker A/C Computer High Speed Internet

DEMAT Means::

DEMAT Means: “Demat account is a safe and convenient means of holding securities just like a bank account is for funds. Today, practically 99.9% settlement (of shares) takes place on demat mode only. Thus, it is advisable to have a Beneficiary Owner (BO) account to trade at the exchanges”. “Dematerialization is the process of converting physical shares (share certificates) into an electronic form. Shares once converted into dematerialized form are held in a Demat account”.

Demat Account Is Must::

Demat Account Is Must: YES. Demat account is must. The market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), has made it compulsory to open the demat account if you want to buy and sell shares in Indian share market. So a demat account is a must for trading and investing in share market.

How to open a Demat account?:

How to open a Demat account? You have to approach a Depository Participant (DP) to open a Demat account. Most banks are DP participants so you can approach them or else you can contact us. To have latest list of registered DP please visit websites and A broker and a DP are two different people. A broker is a member of the stock exchange, who buys and sells shares on his behalf and also on behalf of his customers. A broker can also be a DP.

Documents Required To Open Demat Account::

Documents Required To Open Demat Account: When you approach any DP, you will be guided through the formalities for opening a demat account. The DP will ask to provide some documents as proof of your identity and address. Below is a list of documents out of which you have to submit one or two. PAN card, Voter’s ID, Passport, Ration card, Driver’s license, Photo, credit card ,Employee ID card, Electricity/ Landline phone bill etc.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Do you need any shares to open a Demat account? NO. You need not have to have any shares to open a demat account. A demat account can be opened with no balance of shares. And also there is no restriction to maintain any minimum shares. You can have a zero balance (shares) in your account. How much it cost to open a Demat account? The charges for demat account opening varies from broker to broker of from DP to DP. Generally some broker charge one time account opening fees but currently due to high competition they are offering free account. To have latest charges please visit websites of and or else you need to contact the specific broker.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Demat account is must for investing in share market. Investors can buy or sell stocks with a demat account. Demat Account is safe and convenient way to hold securities. For example - If you are holding your shares, bonds etc in physical form, there are chances of its theft and loss. However, In demat account you can preserve your investments safe and secure. You can transfer your securities immediately if you have a demat account. There are no chances of signature mismatch because most of the process of buying and selling dematerialized securities is electronic. There is no stamp duty on transfer of securities. Major Reduction in paperwork involved in transfer of securities. Reduction in transaction cost. Demat Account helps in easy settlement of the ownership title of securities, and provides easy receipt of public issue allotments. Demat Account Benefits:


Online Brokerage Account: Online brokerage accounts are available from an abundance of stock brokerage companies. Just about every bank and financial institution that conducts stock trading also offers an online brokerage account option to clients, and having a brokerage account is a requirement to being able to place stock trades. In order to open a brokerage account, you will need to provide complete information including your name, address and federal tax ID number. You should carefully review the offerings of several different firms before making a final decision since different brokerage firms offer personal trading accounts with varying features and different levels of service.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Computer: For successful online trading, you will need to have a home computer equipped with enough power and memory to effectively conduct trades in an online environment. Some trading platforms offer real-time trades timed with the actual market movements, and you will need a computer capable of keeping up. Different brokerage firms offer different trading platforms, which may have varying requirements for computer operating systems, memory and processor speed. A quick phone call to make an inquiry or a check of the brokerage's website page of frequently asked questions will indicate what level of processing you need from your computer.

PowerPoint Presentation:

High-Speed Internet: If you plan to place trades online from your home computer, you must have a reliable high-speed Internet connection. Inconsistent high-speed Internet or dial-up services are not typically sufficient to support the trading platforms for online trades, and they are inadequate for placing accurate trades when seconds can make the difference between closing out a trade profitably and failing to do so.

Case Study::

Case Study: A Study On Karvy In Hassan

Company Profile::

Company Profile: Name Of The Institute : Karvy Stock Brooking Date Of Establishment : 2006 Type Of Ownership : Private Ltd Types Of Trading : Online Stock Broking No. Of Traded Companies In Karvy : All Listed Companies In SEBI No. Of Authorized Broking Institutions : 462 No. Employees : 12 Market Watch : 9.15am-3.30pm Charges Per Transaction : Delivery base-0.50 paisa Intraday-0.05

Karvy's Trading::

Karvy's Trading :

PowerPoint Presentation:


PowerPoint Presentation:

View your Cash position, Portfolio, and Watch list

PowerPoint Presentation:

View Real-Time Market Information

Karvy’s Mission::

Karvy’s M ission: “Our mission is to be a leading and preferred service provider to our customer, and we aim to achieve this leadership position by building an innovative, enterprising & technology driven organization which will set the highest standards of service and business ethics”.

Karvy's Vision::

K arvy's Vision: “ To be pioneering financial services company. And continue to grow at a healthy pace, year after year decade after decade”.

Objectives Of The Presentation::

Objectives Of The Presentation: Study and understand the concept of Demat account, investment process and benefits of trading in the share market. Create awareness among the people about various kinds of investment avenues available in the market and motivate them to invest money in share market.


Findings: Competitors - During the summer internship I found that the main competitors of Karvy are Religare , Share Khan and ICICI direct. Time- The opening of Demat account takes around 10-15 working days against the given 1 week time. Charge- The account opening charge is high along with margin money, due to which people are reluctant to pay . Awareness- Awareness about stock market and DEMAT account is very less among people, especially in outer city areas. Brokerage- The broker basically wants to earn brokerage and do not care about the need and risk appetite of the investors.


Recommendations: More Branches Fast A/c Opening Charge Linked Bank Accounts Customer satisfaction Awareness


Finally I would like to conclude that online trading providing a good services to the customer. Some of the financial stock brooking institutions such as karvy , share khan,& ICICI so on… The online trading has played a vital role in the modern days by providing good services such as Pan card, stock brooking, mutual funds etc. The online trading is not yet developed due to lack of advertisement. The online trading helps to develop the economy of the country. C onclusion:

Bibliography:: Online trading procedures in Indian stock exchanges B ibliography:


Mr.Vinod Kumar Cluster Manager- Broking Karvy Hassan. Mr.Harish Employee Online Trading Section Karvy , Hassan. A cknowledgement:

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