Pigtail catheter


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Pigtail catheter by Manish Medi innovation empties liquids or lets some circulation into of pleural spaces inside. The silicone material in pigtail catheter is safe and non-reactive. http://www.manishmediinnovation.net/pigtail-catheter-manufacturers/


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Since the inception in the year 2004, Manish Medi has been providing international quality products most successfully. For the aim to serve a wide range of patients by means of cost-effective and high-end surgical products, Manish Medi Innovation has come up with a range of surgical instruments which are highly in demand among the physicians.


Pigtail catheter Pigtail Catheters by Manishmedi Innovation in Bangalore manufactures high quality products which help in draining fluids or air from pleural spaces inside. Pigtail Catheter Manufacturers  fundamentally utilized as a part of emptying liquids or let some circulation into of pleural spaces inside. At the end of the curl catheter resembles a circle and takes after a pigtail thus this Catheter is called Pigtail Catheter in the restorative clique.


Pigtail catheter


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