Project Resource Management and Performance Measurement

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Project Resource Management and Performance Measurement : 

Project Resource Management and Performance Measurement Mentor Varuna Bhal Prof. I. Krishnamurthy MBA (IFM) R-290108037

Introduction : 

Introduction Project success measured by its profitability. Depends upon the resource management and performance measurement techniques. Includes the following concept: Budgeting and cost collection. Time-cost trade-offs. Project constraints. Resource limitations. Project resource allocation. Performance measurement. Value engineering.

Purpose of the study : 

Purpose of the study To gain deep practical knowledge of project management. This study will help me in understanding the factors behind the schedule slippage and methodology to identify the variance.

Research Methodology : 

Research Methodology Data collection Primary data Secondary data

Work Plan : 

Work Plan Identification of resources. Developing network diagram. Identify resource constraint and technical constraint. Cost variance and schedule variance. EVM CPI

Limitation : 

Limitation Only a part of project management. Errors in secondary data.

Thank you : 

Thank you

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