The Best Dental Clinic in Chennai You Must Visit Rajan Dental

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Explore and share the best Orthodontist Common treatments involve the restoration of teeth, extraction or surgical removal of teeth, scaling and root planing, endodontic root canal treatment and cosmetic dentistry.


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Contact for the ​Dental Implants​:  Rajan Dental  Phone: +91 7338965659  Email:  WEB-Address: ​    The Best Dental Clinic in Chennai You Must Visit Rajan Dental RajanDental​ -​ ​is a state-of-the-art International Dental Center complete with  multiple dental treatment rooms a high-end scan center an in-house laboratory and  an integrated operation theater.     Dr. B P Rajan​ ​ started his dental practice in 1962 on a small scale. Over the years his  work had been characterized by high quality and dedication that won the trust and  confidence of his patients.     In his academic and ​professional​ career he rose to hold some of the highest best  positions in the country such as President Dental Council of India President Indian  Dental Association and Vice-Chancellor Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University.    Dental Care during Pregnancy: Pregnancy is the point at which you have to take of your wellbeing with most extreme consideration and your timetable incorporates everything from clinic visits to looking for maternity garments and setting up the nursery. It is fundamental to incorporate your dental registration also before considering or during pregnancy as your oral wellbeing may influence the soundness of your infant. A few ladies may have dental issues for example gum illness and expanded danger of tooth rot during pregnancy. The expanded hormones can influence the mothers bodys reaction to plaque. In spite of the fact that pregnancy doesnt harm your teeth straightforwardly the requests of pregnancy can prompt dental issues in certain ladies. In any case this can be dodged by

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keeping up appropriate oral cleanliness at home and looking for proficient assistance from your Dental Clinic in Chennai. Causes of dental issues during pregnancy: ● gum problems ● vomiting ● Cravings for sugary foods ● Retching while brushing teeth. Have good oral hygiene regime: ● Brush your teeth twice daily. ● Use fluoridated toothpaste. ● Floss between your teeth. ● Have regular dental check-ups. Scaling or Tooth Cleaning : This methodology is basically important to evacuate the plaque and tartar dim yellow darker hard stores on the teeth close to the gums which are one of the principle causative elements of gum illness. REALITIES OF SCALING: 1. One should visit the ​Dental Clinic in Chennai ​ at regular intervals to complete the scaling. Semiannual scaling is enthusiastically suggested by the entirety of our masters. 2. Our authorities look at and would encourage you how to keep up oral cleanliness brushing systems and at what interim scaling is required. 3. Before beginning of some other strategy like a root trench treatment dental embed medical procedure or even a dental replacement scaling is fundamental as the main line of treatment. 4. Scaling is likewise sheltered during pregnancy. Truth be told we encourage all the Moms and the Moms to be to visit us for standard scaling arrangements to forestall an assortment of gum contaminations that can erupt during growth.

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