Lotus Jewels - Manufacturer of Gold &Diamond Jewellery


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Lotus Jewels Product you desire, Business you require

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The Company’s main objective is to promote Gold & Diamond Jewellery all over India & to provide Employment Empowerment in all towns & cities of India through opening its Jewellery Showrooms so regional people will get the best opportunity to run their own Jewellery Business. The Company ensures timely delivery at its Jewellery to its prestigious customers &deliver/share profits to its active customers by sale/purchase of Jewellery . The Company also looks for the future development & new projects starting time to time. Intro

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Lotus Jewels Private Limited Company was established under Companies Act, 1956 on 7 th May 2008 as a private limited company. Company has started business on the value of high quality standards and Company’s principles. As the name stands of company, the Company’s main business is of Gold & Diamond Jewellery . The Company deals with manufacturing, sale & purchase of Gold & Diamond Jewellery . The Company offers its prestigious customers & prospects to buy Gold & Diamond Jewellery at attractive offers. In this offer the customers have a choice to return jewellery to the company under Buy Back guarantee scheme as per Company’s norms. Business

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