South East London Combined Heat and Power


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South East London Combined Heath and Power:

South East London Combined Heath and Power


1988 – Feasibility study by SELWDG Environmental Impact Assessment Authorisation conditions 1988 - Assessment of LWRA study Plant capacity – 420,000 tones Proven Technology Kennels Site Conception

The Kennels Site:

The Kennels Site


Progress 1991 – Company formed 1991 – Site purchased from LBL 1994 – SELCHP was opened



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Plant cross section Bag Filter Gas Scrubber Boiler Grate Refuse Feed Chute Refuse Bunker Tipping Hall Turbine Air Cooled Condenser Boiler Combustion Chamber & Gas Passes Water Treatment & Storage Under Fire Air Fan Bottom Ash Handling APC Ash Loading Induced Draft Fan

EC Landfill Directive:

EC Landfill Directive Strategy to reduce the landfilling of Biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) To 75% of 1995 levels by 2010 To 50% by 2013 To 35% by 2020 The environmental industries commission has formed the “EIC waste Minimisation and recycling group” which will work to break barriers to recycling


Facts London produces 4,000,000 tones of refuse per year Also called Municipal Solid Waste - M.S.W. Of this, SELCHP processes 420,000 tonnes of M.S.W. per year, Provides enough electricity for 48,000 homes Displaces 80,000 tones of coal or 50,000 tones of heavy fuel oil

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The Basic Energy from Waste Process Closed Steam Cycle Refuse Combustion Process Emission control Systems Combustion air Steam Production Steam Turbine Electrical Generator Heat Energy Condenser Once Through Combustion Process

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Energy Conversion Process Boiler Steam Supply Electrical Generator Condenser Feed Water System Heat Energy Feed water returns to boiler Turbine

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Incineration Process Boiler Refuse in Ash out Gas Scrubber Bag Filter Induced draft Fan & Chimney APC residue out Combustion Air Combustion & Energy release Emission Control Recycled material

District Heating:

District Heating 1994 Feasibility study Many reviews since Now eligible for ROCs Mayor of London study Focus on CO2

District Heating:

District Heating

Ash processing:

Ash processing

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