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The reason behind it is that people face eye problems from many years and different remedies and treatments are given in different parts of the world from ancient days.


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Lasik eye surgery: Accepted by Thousands of Satsfed Patents Lasik eye surgery has become very important part of eye care sector. This sector is considered as one of the proftable sector from decades. The reason behind it is that people face eye problems from many years and diferent remedies and treatments are given in diferent parts of the world from ancient days. Hence as the science and technology developed in this feld people started using spectacles and lens to cure their eye problems or vision problems. But afer that technology now new type of laser based technology was introduced in the market. This technology is known as Lasik. It is one of the most outstanding innovatons in this sector from many decades. It allows single doctor to treat multple patents with same surgery in a day with considerably less tme and complicatons. Hence one doctor can operate in diferent hospitals at diferent locatons. Lasik eye surgery is at very basic level now. Hence it is only limited to the eye care practces. But some experts consider it to be useful tool for future. They are examining its laser based principle in other types of surgeries also. It is expected that other surgeries will be possible very soon using this technology. These techniques are under minute observaton tll now but in future they will be exist ed for many types of surgeries. Initally when this technology was introduced it was questoned by many scientsts about the side efects of laser beam on other cells. Some also considered it as carcinogenic. But none of those evidences were seen regarding it. Even some doubted to cause eye infecton due to this treatment. But there were no traces of any infecton found afer this type of surgery. But one thing was necessary afer the surgery is done. It was proper care of eyes afer the surgery. The eyes should be protected from intense light for few hours. It helps eye to recover rapidly and provide patent clear vision. Generally there are no complicatons in eyes afer the surgery. Even though some doctors recommend some protein supplements and food additves to rapidly heal the eye and make to normal. Certain medicatons are also advised by the doctors in order to protect eye from certain abnormalites. This entre procedure of surgery is very minutely monitored under the supervision of experts. There are certain centers which are linked to each other and have formed large web of Lasik outlets in some parts of the world. They make this business development proftable and important on commercial point of view. It provides job and career opportunites to millions of doctors nurses and other staf in entre world. It does not require adequate space for any machines or devices. It is very compact and in kit form. Hence could be carried to multple places by the medical pract toners. For more detail please visit or call us 212-759-9617

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